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Q: How many times can a player roll the dice during one turn in Yahtzee?
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How many dice do you need for Yahtzee?

You need 5 dice to play Yahtzee.

Can you write a sentence using the word dice?

My mother asked me to dice the potatoes for dinner. I rolled the dice during the game of yahtzee.

What does yahtzee mean?

In the board game Yahtzee, a Yahtzee is a five-of-a-kind, when all five dice show the same value.

How you know when you got yahtzee?

A Yahtzee is when all the dice show the same number, i.e. 5 of a kind.

What kind of game is yahtzee?

It's a dice game, I think. :)

In the game of Yahtzee what is a full house worth?

In the game of Yahtzee a full house is worth 25 points. A full house consists of 2 dice with the same number and three dice with the same numbers.

In what dice game do you get straights and three of a kinds and if you roll five of a kind you get the name of the game?


What dice game begins with Y?

Yahtzee is a popular dice game. It is marketed by the Milton Bradley Company. The game is great for ages 8 and above.

Is the word yahtzee in the newest dictionary?

Yahtzee isn't a word, it's a name. Yahtzee is a naval-based board game involving dice rolling and score keeping. So, yes, it is in the dictionary as a definition for the game, but not the figure of speech, which is not a word.

Do you have to use the cup in throwing the dice in yahtzee?

I don't think it makes any different from cup or hand

What are the Odds of rolling double fours in dice?

The odds of rolling any double number is 1:36

Urgent Probability and Statistics help please The dice rolling has to deal with playing the game of Yahtzee?

Well, what is the question?

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