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"labels" are subjective, and defined by the person judging you. Everyone will have a different answer for you. Regardless, be careful. Yes, different people will have very different ideas about this. You may find someone who will accept you just as you are. However, many may want to find out why you've had so many partners. Are you looking for something nobody can offer? Are you afraid of committing yourself to one partner? Or are you, perhaps, happiest being plain promiscuous? I hope you don't mind my mentioning these points.

2006-07-18 22:44:29
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Q: How many times can you have pre-marital sexual intercourse and with how many different partners before others consider you cheap easy or immoral?
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What is Anal intercourse?

It is when a man inserts his penis inside his partners anus for sexual intercourse instead of the vagina.

Is diabetes transferable sexually?

no, diabetics can have sexual intercourse without harming their partners.

How can you tell if someone wants to cheat with you?

They flirt with you and then when you have sexual intercourse they may shout out ther other partners name

Features of limited partnership?

limited partnership has two partners with different liability;general partners and limited partners.

Has anyone seen Kendall Schmidt nude?

Well is parents, probably Kevin and kenneth and well his sexual intercourse partners.

What to tell to a 9 year old if they ask What is an intercourse?

tell them it's a way of making a baby and not to have sexual intercourse until they are old enough to understand about STD's and pregnancy and to make sure both partners are ready :)

What is the primary means of transmission for genital herpes?

Genital herpes is primaraly transmitted through sexual intercourse. When there is skin to skin contact with the affected area, for example when you and your partners genitals rub together during intercourse.

How much a boyfriend should get close to his girlfriend before marriage?

Many people believe that for a successful marriage both partners need to be both sexually compatible so premarital sex would be essential.

What are the different classification of Partners as to liability.?

General partners have unlimited liability. Limited partners are only on the hook for their investment in the business or the unpaid part of the investment.

What is consetual sex?

Consentual sex is when both partners are willing to have intercourse. If one is not willing and the other goes ahead and does it anyways it is called rape.

What happens at a swingers club?

Folks swing around, they have intercourse with there friends partners and the other way around. Kind of a orgy but not the same thing.

Why do people get sick of their partners?

People do not get sick of there partners. They get sick of the repetition of events and problems. Do something different everyday.

You like to two 69 with guys what does that mean?

If you're a guy that means you're probably gay. And use protection, three-ways spread more STDs than two individual people who have sex with ten different people do thats 3-way>20 different partners in 2-person intercourse

My male crested gecko's sexual organ is protruding still after he has released from the female. Is that normal?

Have you or any partners you have ever maintained a boner after finishing intercourse?

Is it possible that a guy can have a different std than his partner?

Yes, two partners can have different STDs.

How do you have intetercorce?

Sexual intercourse consists in a man putting his erect (hard) penis into the vagina of a woman, and moving it back and forth several times (the woman may also move), usually to the point of having an ejaculation.Sexual intercourse can result in a pregnancy. If one of the partners has certain diseases, sexual intercourse can also result in the transmission of the disease to the other partner.

You and your boyfriend never use condoms what will happen?

there is a huge probability of unwanted pregnancy if intercourse was on a non safe day or another probability is that one of the partners might spread a disease to both involved in intercourse thus i suggest to use male condom or female condom

What is your conclusion about premarital sex?

I do not feel qualified to come to any 'conclusion' about premarital sex. As to advice, I would recommend 'safe sex' to avoid pregnancy and the risk of disease. Risk of disease is generally only an issue if there are multiple partners.

What does intermarriage mean?

Marriage of partners of different racial or ethnic origins.

Does dougie and Frankie still go out?

No they both have different partners now

What kinds of people get aids easily?

High risk groups include drug users who share needles, people that engage multiple sex partners, receiving anal intercourse.

Is it possible to pop her cherry after her having 2 other sexual partners before me?

No. Once a woman's hymen, or "cherry", has been torn through intercourse it is very rare for it to regenerate.

What is the definition of the root word hetero?

Hetero means different. Thus, heterosexuality is the sexuality in which the partners are of different gender.

What do gay guys like in their partners?

Every gay man is different. Just as every straight man is different.

Do cats mate with one partner or many?

cats breed with different partners