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he's not going to change leave him and find a person who makes you feel special and loved every second of the day

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Q: How many times should you take your husband back for the same affair?
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How can your husband say he loves you and wants you back after he had an affair?

Your husband is obviously regretting what he did. It is your decision though to take him back. If you love him maybe give him a second chance.

Your husbands friend told you about your husbands affair but now he is attracted to you should you tell your husband?

You already know two wrongs don't make a right so the best thing to do is let your husband know about his affair and that his friend told you and is now interested in you. Be careful of gossip! Communication is the best skill anyone can have so sit down and calmly discuss this with your husband. It is also up to you to make it plain to your husband's so-called friend that you are not interested in him and stay clear of him. This is no friend of your husbands because he is hoping to have an affair with you behind your husband's back.

How did the TV series Butterflies end?

Ria ends her 'almost' affair, but also gets angry with her husband and tells him she is going to leave him. After running into her almost affair man again, she changes her mind and goes back home to her husband.

Would you celebrate your wedding anniversary even your relationship with your husband is not clear because of his affair?

First of all screw your husband for having a affair but back to the subject if u really love your husband and he loves u should SHOW HIM WHO'S BOSS i know this sounds a little un-orthodox he should be the one bringing you flowers and gifts and if he still dines it and doesn't do anything loving for you on your anniversary dont be loving or nice.good luck hun!

Who would you believe your husband or his ex mistress telling you that their affair wasn't plan?

If she is trying to get him back, or still wants him.. Then I would believe your husband. If she is absolutely done with him, then believe her. Good Luck!!

Have been married 45 years cheated on husband second year of marriage Now all he does after all these years want you explain why you had the affair?

why dont you tell him why you had the affair and then he might back off abit

What will you do if you find that you husband or wife had an affair while you are abroad?

ANSWER:If that happens to me, it will break my heart and I will have tons of question why my husband betrayed me. It will also tell me that my husband doesn't really love me if he can't wait till I get back home from the trip.

How do you overcome the fear of intimacy after your husband's affair?

Your husband has broken that bond of trust you had for him by having an affair and it will take time for you to gain his trust back. Women are more difficult to forgive sexually when their husband's have an affair and feel they may be competing with the other woman. Men on the other hand seem to have no difficulty if their wife cheated and he took her back to continue on with an intimate relationship. Give it time and good communication skills between the two of you are a must and both of you should be honest in relating to each other how each of you feels. Time does heal. You may also think of going to marriage counseling to learn some good tools to strengthen your marriage.

Can you ever trust your unfaithful husband after his affair?

Trust is earned and your husband broke that bond of trust so he is going to have to earn it back. Both of you should seek marriage counseling to get to the root of why your husband thought he should cheat and the counselor can give tools for the couple to work with and strengthen their marriage. A marriage counselor is not there to blame either party, but to get you both to see the weak spots in your marriage and work on them. No, you will probably not trust your husband for cheating for awhile because trust is earned.

Should you leave your husband of 30 years after his affair?

If your husband has never had an affair before this then no, you should not leave him. Some men 40 plus go through 'Andropause' (some men different than others) which is similar to women's menopause. The man can be moody; depressed and feels old and would like to reach back into his past to see if he is still attractive to the opposite sex and all the while they are unaware of what an affair will do their wife if she should find out. Although cheating is never right 'to err is human.' If you and your husband can sit down and communicate to improve your marriage or see a marriage counselor that is better than ending 30 years of marriage. There are many people who have gone through what you are going through and their marriage has become stronger.

When was Back Street Affair created?

Back Street Affair was created in 1952.

Can the divorce be returnable after saying You are divorced three times by the husband?

No, No way to go back after 3 times