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No such animal. The number of trades rule is bogus. It's part of a directive from the "Claims Bully" corner that's been used to short homeowners. Each state has a department of insurance that determines what policies may be sold with what language and at what premium. That premium was calculated by someone at the insurer's corner who factored in a general contractor when arriving at a replacement cost value (RCV)which is in turn used to calculate an actual cash value (ACV). You cannot eliminate general contractor overhead & profit in this equation without being guilty of ignorance or bad faith. Insurance adjusters are told to do this or do that depending on the company they are adjusting for at the time of your claim. The true value of your claim must include a general contractor and you should have a general contractor prepare a realistic restoration estimate... not a new construction or remodel estimate. No norms or standards apply... only what the market will bear. Get some local general contractors to write up a realistic estimate with plenty of overhead and profit because you're going to need it to put yourself back where you were before the loss and stand accountable long after the job is finished. This is why you have paid premiums. Your insurer can elect to not pay your claim in which case you need to demand, via certified mail, an explanation in writing. Don't get sucked in by slick adjusters. They are just doing a job according to directive. Get smart. Find a good lawyer if you can't adjust your own claim. Before you do make sure you have the right attitude about how this adjusting game is played.

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Q: How many trades does it take to pay overhead and profit?
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Is 10 percent the standard for overhead and profit?

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In insurance what does overhead and profit mean?

In those states that regulate insurance rates, among the factors evaluated are the overhead and profit of an insurer. Overhead includes salaries, upkeep on buildings, taxes, and those other usual and customary expenses that attend operating a business. An additional element of overhead for an insurer is the cost of reinsurance. Reinsurance is essentially insurance for an insurer. Rather than assuming all of the risk placed with the insurer by the policyholders that take out policies with it, the insurer will "off-load" some of the risk to a reinsurer in return for paying the reinsurer a premium. In order to stay in business, and for keeping the business worthwhile, the insurer will need to earn a reasonable profit. Regulators are sensitive to the need for a profit, but because they are concerned with the affordability of insurance for consumers, will examine the element of profit and ensure that it remains in reasonable bounds. That which is reasonable varies with the market and is a fluid concept.

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