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There are currently 6.02214179(30)×10314159 distinct types of science recognized by the International Organization of Them.

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Where is science?

Science is all arond you. There is many different types of science.

How many different types of science is there?

There are 3 main types of science, biology, physics and chemistry

Are there other types of degrees for computer science?

There are many diffrerent types of concentrations when you study computer science. It depends what you are interested in.

Why does the study of earth science involves many different science?

because it has many differnt types f organims andthing

What are the types of physical science?

There are many types but here's a few. physics, chemistry, dynamics, astronomy............

How many types of food webs are there and what are they?

there are four types of food webs. Ask your science teacher she or he will know.

2 main types of science?

The three main types of science are earth science ,life science, and physical science.

What are the 2 types of science?

animal science and life science.

What is a sentence for specimen?

In science class, we looked at many different types of specimen.

How is a Science Technologies major different from a Science major?

Science majors normally focus on a specific science such as biology. Science technologies is a more general major and involves work in many different types of sciences.

What are types of life science?

the types of life science are geology,zoology,botany,biology,and microbiology

What are types of science is earth science?

astronomy oceanography geology metoerology These are the four MAIN types

What are the types of environmental science?

the physical and the biological science

What are types of careers in science?

computer science engineering

What are the two types of science?

science and ya mum

How many exams are there for take admission in computer science?

How many types of engineering entrance exams are there

What types of scholarships are offered for minorities?

there are many scholarships available offer for minorities. Medicine , engineering , dental , mechanical science , bio science , physical science some of them.

What is the division of science what is science where are the branches of science?

uhm.. there are two types of science: social and natural

What types of science is used in vetarinary?

Biology and veterinary science or biomedical science

What is science laboratory technology?

Technology that scientists use in a laboratory, there are many different types.

What are the different types of earth science?

the four types of earth science are Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography and Astronomy.

Why is science hard to learn?

Maybe because there are many different 'types' of science to learn. Like force and motion,anatomy, astronomy, ect

Why are there many different types of scientists?

There are many different types of scientists because one person could not handle all the information of geology, astrology, and other types of science. Since there are numerous types of sciences, there has to be many different types of scientists, so there are many different scientists because there are many different sciences.

What are the two types of surface science?

earth and life science

How is a physician related to science?

because it is two types of science