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360,000 people died in the civil war


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481 Union soldiers died at the Battle of First Manassas.

2,108 Union soldiers died in the Battle of Antietam.

About 350,000 Union soldiers died. About 250,000 Confederate soldiers died. The reason why more Union soldiers died is because the Union army had almost double the size of the Confederacy!

2,246 Union soldiers died in that battle. The Confederates lost 1,495 soldiers.

It was a naval engagement. Few or no soldiers died.

The number of Union soldiers that died from disease during the American Civil War is 250,152.

Around 3700 killed, around 18,000 wounded or missing. 2108 union soldiers died at Gettysburg

There were 753 reported Union soldiers killed during the Battle of Chattanooga.

2,000 NEW RESPONDENT 481 Union soldiers were killed in the Battle of Manassas.

Approximately 3,000 Union Soldiers and 2,000 Confederate Soldiers.

750,000 died in total 350,000 confederate soldiers 450,000 union soldiers

A total of 2,632 soldiers died as a result the Battle at Cold Harbor. Of these, 1,844 were Union soldiers and 788 were Confederate.

On the Union side were killed 2,108 soldiers. On the Confederate side were killed 2,700 soldiers.

Around 200,000 soldiers died from gunshot wounds in the civil war.

Around 110,070 Union soldiers died battle-related deaths, and about 250,152 died of disease. In conclusion, 360,222 soldiers died total.

I think 2100 union soldiers died/were wounded and roughly 1000 confederacy soldiers died/were wounder --summer =)

40 Union soldiers died at the Battle of Fort Henry. NEW RESPONDENT The Union casualties in the battle of Fort Henry were: 7 dead, 27 wounded and 5 missing.

13,000 Union Soldiers died of disease and malnutrition at the Confederate prison in Andersonville, Georgia

1,284 people soldiers died for the Union. 608 people died for the Confederacy.i1,284 killed in the union608 killed in the confederacy

how many soliders did the union have

total deaths in the union army during the civil war due to disease is 250,152.

there were about 2.1 million soldiers in the union

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