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How many varieties of heinz are there?

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57 is the number heniz uses for marketing but infact there have actually been over 6000 varieties of heniz and 5,700 are in production today in over 200 countries.

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Q: How many varieties of heinz are there?
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57 h v?

57 Heinz Varieties

What number of varieties is associated with Heinz products?

It is 57

What does 57 mean in heinz 57?

Heinz originally had 57 varieties of goods which they sold. (Clearly, these days they have far more than 57 varieties).

What is 57 V of HK?

57 Varieties of Heinz Ketchup

Ditloid 57 h v?

57 Heinz Varieties

What was the first of HJ Heinz' 57 varieties?


What does 57 H V mean?

57 heinz varieties

What is a Heinz 57 dog?

A "Heinz 57" dog is a mixed breed dog of uncertain ancestry- a mutt. The name refers to the "57 varieties" Heinz slogan.

How cdo you use varieties in a sentence?

Those nice folks over at Heinz Foods are pretty proud of their 57 varieties! The varieties of types of plant life in the Amazon seem to be endless. I just learned to prepare another one of the many varieties of omelettes!

On the brand of Heinz 57 what does the number 57 stand for?

57 varieties

Brain teaser 57 H V?

57 Heinz Varieties

What is the slogan for heinz ketchup?

I don't think there is one as such, but the brand is 57 varieties...

What does the 57 mean in Heinz 57 sauce?

It is a slogan that goes back, I think, to the earliest days of Heinz. In full, it is "57 Varieties". Whether or not there actually were 57 varieties, I don't know. Also, I'm not sure what they were varieties of. The "57" represents the other 57 varieties of products that Heinz offers(ed), like pickles, mustard, BBQ Sauce, etc.

How many varieties of Heinz ketchup are there?

57 is the number heniz uses for marketing but infact there have actually been over 6000 varieties of heniz and 5,700 are in production today in over 200 countries.

Where can you find out what the number on the bottom of a heinz ketchup bottle means?

Read here: The number 57 on a Heinz ketchup bottle represents the number of varieties of pickle the company once had.

What does the 57 on the Heinz Ketchup bottle mean?

In the early days of the Heinz company, they wanted to highlight the variety of their products. They chose the number 57 arbitrarily to show how many they had. The ad read "57 varieties" and the slogan "Heinz 57" stuck. The "57 varieties" referred to the number of products that they had, although at the time they did have more products than 57, but H.J. Heinz thought that it was a magical (faerie princess) number... An urban myth has it that if you tap the 57 on the side of the glass bottle in a restaurant, the ketchup will start to com out. This information is (not) yet to be evaluated by the FDA [Food and Drug Administration to nerd you out!] so there is no way to prove it.

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There are many varieties on the market.

What does the number 57 on a heinz ketchup represent?

57 varieties of sauces. While riding a train in New York City in 1896, Henry Heinz saw a sign advertising 21 styles of shoes, which he thought was clever. Although Heinz was manufacturing more than 60 products at the time, Henry thought 57 was a lucky number. So, he began using the slogan "57 Varieties" in all his advertising. Today the company has more than 5,700 products around the globe, but still uses the magic number of "57." *note: This is directly from Heinz Co.

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