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How many varieties of silver dollars were minted in 1923?


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In the United States, just the Peace Dollar. The Morgan silver dollar's last mint year was 1921 which was the Peace Dollar's first year.


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No such coin exists. All 1923 dated silver dollars are Peace Dollars, the last Morgan Dollars were minted in 1921. It is a common date for Peace Dollars and worth about $25 in average circulated condition.

Philadelphia : 30,800,000 Denver : 6,811,000 San Francisco : 19,020,000

Morgan dollars were minted from 1878 to 1904 and in 1921. Any silver dollar dated 1923 is a PEACE dollar, as you can see by looking at the reverse side. The Peace design was issued from late 1921 to 1935. There's more information at the Related Question.

Please post a new question. All 1923 silver dollars carried a picture of Miss Liberty.

It's possible, and likely. The value of 1920s silver dollars is directly related to the market price of silver.

Yes it is 90% silver. All Peace dollars are.

1923 Peace dollars in circulated condition are rather common and are worth $23 in silver content. Coin in uncirculated condition, however, are worth more. But in average condition it is worth about $23 for the silver in it. 1923 Peace Dollars are about the most common date of the series.

Please check again and post a new question. Morgan dollars were minted from 1878 to 1921. Peace dollars were minted from 1921 to 1935 and they're very different coins. Morgan dollars are named for their designer, George Morgan, and have a spread-winged eagle on the back. Peace dollars were issued to mark the end of WWI and have an eagle with folded wings and the word PEACE on the back.

Current value of the silver is $15.40. Regardless of date, all Peace dollars contain .77344oz of silver.

There's no such coin. The "Mercury" design was used on dimes minted from 1916 to 1945.

The last Morgan dollar was struck in 1921. The dates 1922 & 1923 are Peace dollars and both have the same values of $16.00-$19.00 for circulated coins.

Australian 1923 Halfpennies - 1,113,000 British 1923 Halfpennies - 12,266,282

The 1923 Peace dollars are so common (regardless of mintmark) that circulated coins have retail values of $16.00-$20.00

There was no 1923 British Crown (Five Shillings) minted.

It will depend when the Sol was minted.Years Minted: 1864-1935Number of Types: 3Type 1 Composition: 90% Silver, 10% CopperType 2 & 3 Composition: 50% SilverDiameter: 37 mmType 1 Weight: 25 grams (0.7234 oz. actual silver weight)Type 2 & 3 Weight: 25 grams (0.4019 oz. actual silver weight)TypesType 1 - Composition of 90% Silver and reverse design has the words "9 DECIMOS FINO" or "9 Tenths Fine". Minted from 1864 to 1916Type 2 - Composition of 50% Silver. Minted from 1922 to 1923. (NO Decimos Fino words on obverse)Type 3 - Composition of 50% Silver and reverse design has the words "5 DECIMOS FINO" or "5 Tenths Fine". Minted from 1923 to 19135

They haven't stopped...technically. The one ounce Silver Eagle coined today states: One Dollar on the reverse. I think that you're referring to silver dollars for circulation, right? I'm not certain but I believe it would be the "Peace Dollar" that was minted to celebrate the WWI armistice. I'm also not certain of the exact year they were stopped. I have a 1923 & a 1926; it's very close to that...possibly 1927. Today's Silver Eagle began mintage in 1986.More information and correctionsCoinage of circulating silver dollars stopped in 1935. These were the Peace dollars, as mentioned; that design was used from late 1921 until 1935. The current 1-ounce "eagle" coins aren't intended for circulation. They're minted for sale to collectors and investors, and their value is based on the price of silver at the time of sale. The $1 denomination is completely artificial.

6-7-11>>> All of the Peace dollars are 90% silver & 10% copper, this mix is called "coin silver" and has .77344oz of pure silver.

All of these coins were struck at the San Francisco Mint and many were released into circulation. The mintage of the 1923-S Monroe Doctrine half dollars was 274,077.

Apart from the Maundy Set, there was no 1923 British Threepence minted.

Any silver dollar dated 1923 is simply called a Peace dollar. Morgan dollars were made in 1878-1904 and 1921; Peace dollars in 1921-35 and they have very different designs. Please see the Related Question for more information.

1923 Peace Dollars are so common circulated coins sell for $32.00-$37.00. The actual value depends on the grade of the coin.

There were no British Pennies minted or released for general circulation in 1923.

TRVST is the normal spelling for all Peace Dollars. 1923 is a common date -- worth about $6 in circulated grades.

1923 Peace dollars are very common and valued at $15.00-$19.00 retail for circulated coins and very nice mint state coins are about $25.00

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