How many vegetarians are there in Manchester?

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Because they are referring to the person's diet. Many vegetarians call people who eat meat non-vegetarians while they usually call themselves omnivorous.

There are about 400 million vegetarians in the world, so 6 percent of the population are vegetarians.

there are many things vegetarians can eat for iron. tofu is a good source.

There are many kinds of vegetarians. Some eat eggs and dairy products. Those types of vegetarians are known as "Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians." There are also vegetarians, known as vegans, who eat no animal products, whatsoever, including eggs, dairy, and honey. Many vegetarians give up eggs because of the known suffering that exists within the egg industry, and some vegetarians give up eggs for health reasons.

No, by shoemakers. Or was it by vegetarians?No, by shoemakers. Or was it by vegetarians?No, by shoemakers. Or was it by vegetarians?No, by shoemakers. Or was it by vegetarians?

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It is about a fair split. While some will remain partial vegetarians, many will ultimatel bdome full-fledged vegetarians or even vegan after many years.

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Yes, absolutely! In fact, many vegetarians probably prefer organic foods.

About 40% of the population.

Some are, but many are not.

There are two football clubs in Manchester; Manchester United and Manchester City.

The European Vegetarian Union (EVU) provides the following statistics: Vegetarians - < 1,200,000 Percentage - < 2%

The RDA does not change for vegetarians/non vegetarians.

While there are some Hindus who are not vegetarians, most of them are. One reason for so many being vegetarians are a belief in nonviolence. Another is the belief that non vegetarian food is bad for the mind and hinders spiritual development.

Vegetarians can eat birds but then they are not vegetarians any more. Some vegetarians eat eggs.

If he/she wishes to. And many vegetarians do.

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Manchester united have 97'898

Many vegetarians are challenged in getting enough protein. Soy is a high quality protein that has many uses (try a smoothie)--

No. Vegetarians do not eat fish. Vegetarians do not eat any animals.

Probably many! One that has expressed some dislike for vegetarians on his shows is the famous celebrity chef Gordan Ramsey

Omnivores and carnivores.

yes they are striched vegetarians

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