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How many victims are infected with Lyme disease per year?

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about 20,000 Americans are reported each year.

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How many people are currently infected by the lyme disease?

Data from 2009 says 38,000 but many think that it is ten times that.

What are some of the symptoms of lyme disease?

Lyme disease has many symptoms and vary among those infected, it can for example be a rash, sometimes in the shape of a bullseye, or could seem to be flu-like symptoms including fatigue, fever, chills and headaches. For a full overview of lyme disease a comprehensive website listing is at

How many people had Lyme disease in 2010?

22,561 people had Lyme Disease in 2010

How many people have died of Lyme Disease?

over 1 million people died of Lyme Disease

How cases of lyme disease reported yearly to the CDC?

Cases of Lyme are reported by doctors diagnosing Lyme disease to the CDC.. HOWEVER, the testing for Lyme disease can and often give false results, the patient has the disease, but the test is negative and thus no diagnoses of Lyme, so many go undiagnosed. Also, many infected with Lyme are actually diagnosed with different diseases, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MS and others, so many will never get a proper diagnosis. And some bitten and they have symptoms don't go to the doctor. The CDC was posted on their site that Lyme was under diagnosed by as much as tenfold, today they say it is under diagnosed. Annually the CDC says there are approximately 30,000 cases of Lyme disease, because of under reporting, this number is much higher, many believe as high as 300,000 and this number has been climbing for years Lyme is the fastest growing tick borne illness. JimJax

How many people get Lyme disease?


Does lyme disease always show up in a blood test?

No. In many cases, Lyme disease does not show up in a blood test.

How many victims of this disease?

what is the disease name

Is Lyme Disease often accompanied by a rash?

Lyme disease is often accompanied by a rash. Other signs or symptoms of lyme disease are fever, fatigue, body aches, headaches, joint pain, eye inflammation and many more.

Where do ticks that transmit lyme live?

Brown ticks can carry Lyme disease and can be found in many areas in the United States. Lyme disease has spread rapidly throughout the U.S. in recent years.

Is lyme disease a fungi?

One funGUS, many funGI . . . No, Lyme disease is caused by the Bartonella spirochete. (Spy-row-keet), which is like a bacterium.

Can lyme disease affect eyesight?

Yes, Lyme Disease is a multisystem spirochetal disorder. If not diagnosed and treated early, Lyme Disease can affect other parts of the body, including the eyes. It can cause blurred vision, floaters and even pain in the eye. There are many ocular manifestations from Lyme Disease but proper treatment can improve symptoms.

How many people who sustain tick bites actually acquire lyme disease?

About 30% of people who sustain the tick bites actually acquire the Lyme disease.

How many people die from Lyme disease?

generally not fatal

How many different ways can a person contract lyme disease?

Lymes disease is contracted in humans in only one way. The western blacklegged tick in British Columbia or the blacklegged tick, sometimes called the deer tick, carry bacteria which is spread to humans, causing Lymes disease. Ticks become infected by feeding on infected animals.

How many people in minnesota died of lyme disease?

165982347598 people

How many people have had lyme disease?

Over one million people

Is vomiting a symptom of lyme disease?

It is a common symptom of Lyme's disease. But is also a common symptom of many, many things.

Can you ever get rid of Lyme disease?

Yes, the active disease process can be stopped by antibiotics. The term chronic lyme disease is often used for patients where the disease is recurring. This is because the disease stays dormant or in remission once it is introduced to the bloodstream. It is still there but can remain inactive or dormant forever in some patients and then many patients have recurring Lyme for years. There are also many co-infections that are associated with Lyme Disease. One co-infection, Babesiosis, can not be treated at the same time that Lyme is being treated as they are treated differently. Therefore, when you treat one successfully, the other often reoccurs.

What are some remedies for chronic lyme disease?

Many doctors will treat the issues caused by chronic lyme disease rather than the disease itself. Antibiotics are the main treatment of lyme disease however they are not always 100% effective. Arthritis that continues after antibiotic treatment can be treated with hydroxychloroquine and methotrexate. Neuropathic pain is treated with Gabapentin.

How is lyme disease treated in alternative medicine?

While antibiotics are essential in treating Lyme disease, many alternative therapies may minimize symptoms, improve the immune response, and help treat late disseminated or chronic disease.

What can the symptoms of Lyme Disease be mistaken for?

The symptoms of Lyme Disease that are commonly mistaken for something else, headache, fever, nausea, tiredness and a loss of appetite, have similarities to many other common disease. Some of which include the common cold or the flu.

Is lyme disease infectious or not?

Depending on how you mean, yes and no, and undecided. Lyme disease is considered an 'infectious disease', because it is transmitted by the bite of a tick. It can also be passed invitro (mother to infant) in humans, and early signs are beginning to show that it could also be sexually transmitted. Because the bacteria is constantly changing to fit the world it lives it (us!), the development of Lyme disease as a sexual transmitted disease is a very real possibility in the near future. Many partners of people with Lyme disease have developed the disease, and most Lyme literate doctors believe this is the case. So yah, its infectious. and very dangerous.

Is hoarseness a symptom of lyme disease?

It could be but this can be caused by many other microbes as well.

How many people are infected by the disease H5N1?


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