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The mini-fridge I have states the following as it's maximum power usage: 120 Volts @ 60Hz, and 0.75A The formula for power (watts) is: W = V * I However this is an AC system so you are actually computing VA (volt-amperes), but the difference in this case is negligible. So if we plug our numbers into the formula we get the following: W = 120 * 0.75A Which yields 90 VA which in this case can be taken as 90 Watts. This is about the same amount of energy as an standard light bulb. To compute the cost of the energy expended to power the fridge for a year when only on during working days with pre-cooling (7am to 5pm, monday to friday) you need to know the watt-hours. If we take the maximum energy expended as the 90 Watts computed above then: 90 watt-hours for every 1 hour the device is powered 10 hours per day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. 52 * 5 = 260 days 260 days * 10 hours per day = 2600 hours turned on Watt-hours in one year: 90 * 2600 = 234 kilo watt-hours If we assume an electricity rate of 10.22 cents per kilo watt-hour (this is what the power company where I live is currently charging), then in one year the cost to power the fridge is: 0.1022 * 234 = $23.92 Keep in mind that the amount of current listed that the device consumes is the maximum amount. Typically it will utilize less, which changes the cost to operate.

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Q: How many watts does a mini fridge use?
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How many watts does a mini lamp use?

6 watt bulb for mini lamp

How many watts are in a frigidaire?

On average, a Frigidaire or refrigerator uses around 600 watts. This is assuming that the fridge is an average to large size, and not a tiny fridge that would use less power.

Fridge draws 65 watts on 240 volts how many kwats does it use?

One watt is 0.001 kilowatt. 65 watts is 0.065 kilowatts. It does not matter what the voltage is - watts are watts.

How many watts to operate 12 volt caravan fridge?

The watts or amperage should be stated on the nameplate of the fridge. If you are trying to find the size of a wire needed to connect the fridge to the electrical system an amperage needs to be calculated. If the watts of the fridge are known use this formula to find Amps = Watts/Voltage. Once the fridge's amperage is known, a correct wire size can be chosen and the proper fusing to protect the wiring put in place.

How many watts does an average fridge use?

New energy star models are about 470 kWh per year.

How many watts does a MT80 engel fridge use?

I have read it can be ran off an 100watt solar panel. It uses .7-3.3 amps.

How many watts does a 230 liter refrigerator use?

Look at the back of your fridge and find the plate that tells you how many amps it needs. Once you have Amps you multiply that number by the Volts coming out of your plug (usually 120v) and you will get Watts. So once more: Amps x Volts = Watts

How many watts does a beer refrigerator have?

It depends on the fridge. Newer fridges are generally more efficient, so would use less electricity, although size is a definite factor. There should be sufficient information on the fridge to determine watts, though you may have to calculate. Watts = amps x volts. Volts = 120. I'd use 120 to avoid underestimating. In any case, running a fridge only for beer is an avoidable cost unless you make better use of it. Replacing an old fridge and a separate freezer with a newer'' more efficient fridge with useable freezer space probably uses less electricity than 2 older appliances.

How many watts does a mini refrigerator use per day?

A mini refrigerator uses about 70 watts per hour or 0.07 KWH.Therefore it uses about 24 times 0.07 KWH, or 1.68 Kilowatt Hours per day.There are varied sizes of "mini refrigerators" and varying degrees ofinsulation, so the wattage may vary from 40 watts per hour to 100 watts per hour or .96 KWH to 2.4 KWH per day

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45 watts

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Hoovers use 1000 - 2000 watts

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Abut 20 watts.