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Depends upon the size, but it will be listed on the space heater for whatever speed you set. Sometimes the nameplates are difficult to find and might be located on the bottom of the space heater.


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Usually between 1000-1500 watts

for a large one it is 4,000 watts and for a smaller one it is 1,000 watts

A rule of thumb is 250 watts per linear foot. The ten foot baseboard heater probably has a rating of 2500 watts.

The average "small" ceramic heater draws 1500 watts on full power. The best way to tell is read the back...

Yes you Can, you Can use about 2300 watts on 10amps

First you need to find out how many amps the heater draws. Then use this formula: Volts (220) X Amps = Watts Then take: Watts x 3.41214 = Btu/hr

Using those numbers it should be @ 10.4 amp. Per heater.

I ASSUME the block heater in a 2006 Ford Freestar would use ( 600 watts ) like my Ford Explorer 4.0 liter V6 engine does

Find the block heater and look for the nameplate on it. It will be in watts. Use the following equation to find the amperage that it draws. Amps = Watts/Volts. The voltage to use for the truck will be 12 volts.

There is one part of the question missing. To find an answer the kW of the heater must be stated. Then the equations used are, to change kW to watts, Kw/1000 = watts. Once that is found then use, I = W/E, Amps = Watts/Volts. This will give you the value in amperage of the heater.

There are zero amps in 1000 watts. Watts are the product of amps x volts or I = W/E, watts divided by voltage. As you can see, that if no voltage is stated no amperage can be given. Once you find the voltage of the heater then use the following equation, Amps = Watts/Volts to find the current draw of the 1000 watt heater.

I would not use a heater of less than 100 watts for anything. The price difference is minimal between 50 watts and 300 watts. Basically it is only the comparative physical size of the tank and the heater that decides how 'big' a heater should be. My usual surmise is "bigger is better" because it will not have to work as hard or as long as a smaller wattage one.

Valco Infrared heater can be used as a space heater. The can save you lots of money on energy costs.

Space heaters are considered energy hogs with very good reason. The smallest electric space heaters can use about 3,000 watts (about 10,000 BTUs per hour). Larger electric space heaters may use over 11,000 watts (about 40,000 BTUs per hour). Using space heaters instead of central heating may increase your overall energy costs for heating by about 70%.

Base board heaters come in many different ratings from 500 watts up to 2000 watts. To find the kilowatts of the heaters divide these values by 1000.

The electric heater will have power rated in Watts. The Amps it will draw depends on the voltage system you are using. Can be calculated by formula I (Amps) = P / V In the USA with 110V system a 2400W heater will draw 2400 Watts / 110 Volts = 21.8 Amps In Australia with a 230 V system a 2400W heater will draw 2400 Watts / 230 Volts = 10.4 Amps

A ceramic heater uses the same amount as a regular heater. Most heater use 1500 watts so in one hour a 1500 watt home heater will use 12.5 amp hours.

Do you mean how many watts are used to make hot water? It varies, but a typical home electric hot water heater consumes about 4,500 watts. Industrial hot water heaters might use 20,000 watts or more! I have a little warmer that keeps my coffee warm as I type this, it consumes about 300 watts. Of course it only heats 6 ounces of water....

they use about 5 to 10 watts.

Hoovers use 1000 - 2000 watts

Any space heater with tip-over protection will be good and safe for indoor use.

You need to get a specified bathroom heater for it to be considered safe.

Different 240 volt watt water heaters use different amounts of watts! Look at your water heater. It should have a plate that lists the watts! On the other hand, the water heater only uses watts when it is heating water. If the family uses paper plates and takes brief showers by getting wet, turning off the shower, applying soap, and then rinsing, it will use a lot less electricity than if every member of the family runs out the tank of hot water taking a hot shower every day.

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