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Valco Infrared heater can be used as a space heater. The can save you lots of money on energy costs.


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Infrared Heaters are generally more cost efficient then regular space heaters. The reason is that they heat the object directly rather then heating the air, so it wastes less engergy. Ive seen estimates that say its as much as 80% more energy efficient.

it is not very efficientAnswerThey are 100 percent efficient.

Best radiant space heater. Optimus H-5210 Infrared Quartz Heater ... quartz heater for its silent operation, effective heating, energy efficiency and safety . The most efficient heaters available, according to my research are infared heaters. The brand that pops up the most is Comfort Zone. They heat through infared technology. Not only emitting heat into the air, but also heating walls and furniture to hold heat in. They are both cost effective and efficient.

Infrared is heat. When you feel the warmth of a space heater, you feel the effect of infrared radiation. The other uses are motion detection (infrared sensor) and night-vision (live animals have a heat signature, a blurred image, against a colder background at night). ======================

The electric space heater. It's the only common machine that's 100% efficient.

We do not have a need for a space heater so I have not used one in the past. I would not use kerosene but I would use electric if necessary. Dyson has one that is pretty cool looking.

Efficient, yes. But a poor choice for a heater. It's just a marketing gimmick. Every electric heater is nearly 100 percent efficient. Efficiency is a term not understood by many. Energy efficiency - useful work per quantity of energy. In other words, What is the job of an electric heater? To make heat. How much of the electricity fed to the heater is turned into heat? All of it. That makes it 100 percent efficient. In contrast an incandescent light bulb is only about 5 percent efficient, only 5% of the electricity fed to it is converted to light the other 95% is converted to heat.

The lower end models begin at a couple hundred dollars and can easily climb up to $1000s. They are very efficient and save the trouble of maintaining a real water heater- cost and space.

Infrared radiation can only travel through empty space or transparent objects

The local hardware store, or online at various stores. Just google "space heater".

Depends upon the size, but it will be listed on the space heater for whatever speed you set. Sometimes the nameplates are difficult to find and might be located on the bottom of the space heater.

It might be efficient, it might not, it depends on how it is used.

A space heater by itself will not cause a fire. However, not following the space heater safety guidelines may start a fire. Actions that may increase the risk of fire include, but are not limited to: Leaving blankets or clothes on the heater, leaving anything flammable near the heater, and leaving the heater on in an unattended environment.

The Infrared Astronomical Satellite was the first-ever space-based observatory to perform a survey of the entire sky at infrared wavelengths. It uses infrared light.

Ceramic heaters are considered more efficient than electric conventional heaters, as they heat faster, are more stable when achieving the desired temperature, safer and if used in the lower power settings consume less energy

Infrared telescopes work best in space. Why? Objects that are even a little bit warm put out infrared energy. So it makes sense to put an infrared telescope into space where it won't just detect all the warm things on Earth. Even in space, we must make the telescope very cold using refrigerator-type technology so that it won't just detect itself! Then the telescope can look around and see the infrared light coming from the rest of the Universe. The nw Spitzer Space Telescope is just such an instrument.

Infrared waves penetrate dust clouds in space, allowing us to see areas that emit no light.

Infrared waves penetrate dust clouds in space, allowing us to see areas that emit no light.

The average 120 V space heater uses around 1500 watts and draws 12.5 amps, which is quite a bit. If run for only one hour (during a billing month), your power company will bill you for 1.5 kilowatt-hours--just for the space heater!! If run for 10 hours during a billing month, they will charge for 15 kWH. It adds up fast! So if you're using a space heater frequently, and your power bill seems high, that's why! Space heaters are not efficient when heating a large area. Also, I don't really like space heaters because they can be very dangerous if not used properly.

The size of a space heater depends on the size of a living room or bedroom. The best size for a space heater is 150 sq. ft for living rooms and bedrooms.

Electric heat is always 99% efficient. The only exception to this relates to 110 volt vs 220 volt, but this is based on myth.

Clouds that send it back into space as infrared energy

It can travel across the vacuum of space.

Yes, space heaters do increase the risk of fire. However, as long as you are safe, and the space heater is in good working condition, it will be fine to use a space heater.

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