How many ways can you say all together in french?

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What is the way you say house in French?

The French word for house is "maison". The French word for home is "domicile". The word "maison" is used often in the names of French restaurants

How do you say all done in french?

all done -> c'est fini (sounds like: say fee-nee) c'est fini (it is finished) to literally say "all done" in french, you say "tout a fait"

How to say all that jazz in french?

tout le tralala (too luh trah-lah-LAH) OR tout le bordel (too luh bore-DELL) The second one is approaching vulgarity.

How do you say all day in french?

Tout le jour - Masculine Toute la journ é e - Feminine (More so related to the events than the actual time) Tous les jours - All days

How do you say all right in french?

"D'accord" for agreeing to do something\n"Correct" for sentences to say for example "I'm alright" or "That's alright"

How many websites are there all together?

There are so many websites being added every day, that the number of websites that exist within the internet are uncountable. This meaning that you cannot count all the websites there are. There are billions of websites, possibly even trillions of websites that exist within the vast space that is ( Full Answer )

How many toes all together?

there are 10 toes in your body altogether but some people are born with more than this.

How many animes are there all together?

Jeeze! More than you've had school dinners, plus your mum's school dinners, and your uncles, and your aunties, and your grandads, and your paperboys, and your teachers, and your dogs....etc. Too many to count my dear, way too many.

How do you say all the different rooms in French?

the entrance hall = le hall d'entrée, l'entrée the kitchen = la cuisine the lounge = le salon the dining room = la salle à manger the bedroom = la chambre the bathroom = la salle de bains the lavatories / loo = les toilettes (always plural) the playing room = la salle de jeu ( Full Answer )

How do you say no way in french?

I want that! - no way =" pas question " there is no way you could convince him to go = il n'y a pas moyen

How do say are you all right in french?

The phrase is "Etes-vous bien?" (are you all right?) The question "Ca va bien?" (pronounced sa VA bee-en) is "Is it going well?"

How do you say looking for all the above in french?

Well I'm French and English.. (I go to a french school).. though, but I can tell you.. you can either use "Google translate" or you say "regarder pour touts les suivants si-dessus"

How do you say I miss you all in french?

You can say: "Vous me manquez" > which basically means "I miss you" ( you as in " you guys ") Or, literally: "Vous me manquez tous " > ("I miss you all" ) though it is correct, it isn't really a "complete" formula and lacks intensity, one would usually add some adverbs after "tous" like: " Ã ( Full Answer )

How do you say yellow in french 4 ways?

The word for yellow in French is Jaune. There is only one way of saying yellow in french. Jaune. In German it is, gelb, I think.

What do the French say for thirty all in tennis?

the tennis scores are spelled: 'quinze à rien' (fifteen- nil) 'quinze à' (meaning 'quinze à quinze') 'quinze-trente' or 'trente-quinze' (fiteen thirty or thirty-fifteen) 'trente à' (meaning trente à trente = thirty all) trente-quarante or quarante-trente 'quarante à' ( Full Answer )

All your friends say that they can tell that your bf loves you by the way that he looks at you and the way that he acts around you but when you are alone together he always talks about his ex?

If he talks a lot about the girlfriend right before you, it may be no big deal. It takes time to get over someone and sometimes not until after fall for the person you're dating. If he was with her for a while and immediately before the two of you started dating, the last experiences he had would in ( Full Answer )

How do you say all the countries in French?

All the countries - tous les pays There are a lot of countries. Here are some: Australia = l'Australie - Austria = l'Autriche - Canada = le Canada - China = la Chine - England = l'Angleterre - Egypt = l'Égypte - France = la France - Germany = l'Allemagne - Greece = la Grèce - Italy = l'Ita ( Full Answer )

How many planets are there all together?

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) recognises eight planets in our solar system (from closest to sun to furthest); Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. A further five dwarf planets are recognised by the IAU; Ceres (in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jup ( Full Answer )

How many ways can you say hate in french?

hate . noun haine f . . transitive verb . (dislike) détester; (violently) haïr; . (not enjoy) avoir horreur de ( sport, food ); to ~ doing avoir horreur de faire; . (in apology) to ~ to do être désolé/-e de faire.

Why are there 3 ways of saying my in french?

mon - masculine, ma - feminine, mes - plural (NB this is according to what is possessed and not who possesses the object) eg: my table - ma table (because the word table is feminine in French) my book - mon livre (because the word book (livre) is masculine in French) my tables - mes tables (here the ( Full Answer )

How do you say All your help in french?

If you want to address someone formally, say "toute votre aide". If you want to address either a friend or someone who is younger, use "toute ton aide".

How do you say best of all in french?

le meilleur de tous, la meilleure de toutes (the best person among others) le meilleur de tout (the best thing among things or events)

How do you say 'All you need is love' in French?

If you translate it literally, it would be "L'amour est tout ce dont vous avez besoin" (Love is all for which you have the need.) More colloquially, it would be translated as "Vous n'avez besoin que d'amour" (You do not need anything but love.)

How do you say do all your homework in french?

to do all your homework is 'faire tous ses devoirs' in French. did you do all your homework? "as-tu fait tous tes devoirs, as-tu fini tes devoirs ? I did all my home work: j'ai fini mes devoirs, j'ai fait tous mes devoirs.

How many tigers are there all together?

Well in 2005 there were only 500 in asia, but over the years the number has increased a lot...BUT most of them are held in captivity.

How do you spell were in the way were all together?

The contraction we're ( we are ) would mean together right now. The word were is a past tense for are , with a different pronunciation. The homophones for we're are wear (clothes) and where (location).

What in french way to say name day?

Jour de fête is French for "name day." Name day is a tradition inmany European (including France, where it is big part of theculture) and Latin American countries that involves the celebrationof the day (a saint's day, usually) that is associated with one'sname.

What are the 4 ways to say 'the' in French?

4 ways to say "the" in French: . Le (in front of a singular, masculine word that starts with a consonant) . La (in front of a singular, feminine word that starts with a consonant) . L' (in front of any singular word that starts with a vowel) . Les (in front of a plural word)