How many women in the US are abused each year?

There will never be a correct percentage on this one, because there are so many abused women who feel trapped in their own homes and also in their own minds and it's never reported. When a woman is abused she feels that she has no control and her abuser has made her feel stupid and that she will never make it in the outside world. The abused woman will believe this with all her heart, feel trapped and afraid that she cannot provide for herself (or if she has children) and doesn't trust the legal system. She knows if she fails to get protection the abuse could get worse. Each woman has to try and become free of their abuser, but each individual has a different time of moving on their decisions and some are so abused they never do find that little hole they feel they can squeeze through and get away from their abuser. Abuse happens to all women of all races, ages, poor, middle class or wealthy. If you are an abused woman, don't give up! Believe with all your heart that there is help for you and no woman, child (or even some men) should ever have to put up with constant verbal or physical abuse. You are your own person, so fight with all your might and gain the freedom you so deserve! Pick up that phone and call Mental Health and get into the Women's Abuse Centre. There are some wonderful people there and you are safe at these Centres. God Bless Marcy