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773, 682 total words

Depends upon translation or manuscript. 788,280 KJV. Testament = Words: 602,585; New Testament = Words: 180,552 77,701 Arabic words according to one source.

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Q: How many words are in the Old Testament and New Testament combined?
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How many words in the New Testament?

180 552 words are in the New Testament.

How many books are in the old testament and the new testment the two combined?

66 books

How many red letter words are in the new testament?


How many words did Joseph say in the New Testament?


How many direct quotations does the New Testament have from the Old testament?

There are about 294 quotations in the New Testament from the Old Testament. But of these you will seldom find exactly the same words in the two quotations because the Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek originally; and through many translations the words also change somewhat. There are also, besides these, about 633 allusions to Old Testament Scriptures in the New Testament.

How many books are in the New and Old Testament in the Catholic Bible not combined thanks?

There are sixty-six books total in the Bible. There are thirty-nine books in the Old Testament. There are twenty-seven books in the New Testament.

How many words are in the Holy Bible all together?

There are 773,692 words in the Holy Bible. The Old Testament has 592,439 words and the New Testament has 181,253.

How many times is the words 'fear not' mentioned in the old testament and New Testament?

Approximately 83 times

How many times words hallelujah is mentioned in new Testament?


How many times are the words Jesus answered mentioned in the new testament?

to many times!!

What is the longest verse in the New Testament and how many words?

Revelation 20:4. It has 68 words.

How many words where spoken by Jesus Christ in the new testament?

2026 according to Swordsearcher

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