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As an aide I believe they are requiring 2 years of schooling now. As a teacher it takes 4-5 years, depending upon if you get more than one endorsement.

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Q: How many year does it take to go to college to work with mentally challenged children?
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Is Mickey Mouse mentally challenged?

There is no evidence to suggest that Mickey Mouse is mentally challenged. In many of his animated shorts, he shows intelligence and cunning, often tricking Pete. Mickey may speak simply to better connect with his target audience (young children).

Is mentally challenged and retarded the same?

It is the same condition but mentally challenged is a nicer way to put it. Many of these people can live good lives and accomplish much.

How many DNA strands does the average person have?

They have about 46 in each nucleus. A person with more or less is likely to be mentally challenged.

How many mentally retarded children did hitler killed?


What is correct term for retarded people?

The term "retarded" has many negative connotations thus resulting in a constant change for political correctness. "Mentally handicapped" and "mentally challenged" are two substitutes for the term.

How many computers are made a year?

1,300,000,000,000,000- submitted by Gabriel Quincy Thomas of the computer survey research facility and foundation for the mentally challenged

Jobs that work with the mentally retarded?

I have been working with mentally challenged adults for almost 2 years now. If you live in a big city, it should be easy to find a job working with mentally challenged, if you live in a smaller area like I do, it can be a bit harder. For one, try job finding sites.. like That is my favorite site to find jobs, very easy to use and a lot of job postings. I actually got my job by going to a highschool job fair my senior year, which would be a good place to look because they try to recruit you because it's such a good thing to do. There are many jobs that you can work with the mentally challenged, like the special olympics, group homes, ect. I work in a group home for mentally challenged adults to help them live as independent as possible and help them with tasks that they can't do by themselves. Now if you are talking about jobs that hire mentally challenged individuals, almost any entry level job. Remember the equal opportunity rule. I hope that gives you some insight. If you are looking for a job to work with the mentally challenged, just look around your area, there are businesses like the one I work for everywhere.

Can you leave home at the age of majority despite a mental illness?

If this person can prove they can subsist on their own then there is no reason they can't have their own freedom. Many mentally challenged people live on their own (perhaps some will have someone come in to check on them every so often and this can be done through the State Law or by the family themselves.) If the person is not severely handicapped mentally, then they should be pushed to be as independent as possible. Sometimes people have a habit of babying the mentally challenged and deciding what is best for that person. Take a look around. There are Olympics for the mentally disabled, and many other functions and some even work. If one chooses to take the time to study the mentally challenged they will realize they are a lot more capable of many things than most of us give them credit for. Marcy

How many households around the world have a computer?

100, 00,000,000,000,000,000- Submitted by Gabriel Quincy Thomas of the computer survey research facility and foundation for the mentally challenged.

Who did the Holocaust affect?

AnswerThe Holocaust affected many people; Jewish people, Jehovah's Witnesses, handicapped people, Gypsey's, mentally challenged people, and homosexuals.the Jews

Are left handed people mentally challenged?

No. In fact, people who are left handed tend to be more creative and smarter. Watch and see how many actors are left handed!

Is it possible to make a 47 yr old male on Social Ass't who is average looking but possibly mentally challenged who fell in love at 1st sight with a 20 year old to understand why he shouldn't date her?

Unless this 20 year old girl is complaining about him bothering her, then it's really no one's business. There are so many misconceptions about mentally challenged people. Some are worse than others and many can live on their own, work eventually, and lead fairly normal lives. He may just like the idea of falling in love and Lord only knows that's all he may have left. It's advisable if he isn't bothering this young woman to stay out of it. To tell him he is mentally challenged beyond a reasonable life is sticking a knife into him and may set him back. In many cases mentally challenged people will fall in love with each other and even marry and be quite happy. He may just get lucky.

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Is mental illness and mentally challenged the same?

I don't think so. Mental illness refers to any of the many diagnosable disorders in the field of Psychiatry and mental health. They include disorders like major depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Usually, when people use the term 'mentally challenged', they are referring to someone who seems to have a deficit in intellectual ability or intelligence. An intellectual deficit is not a mental illness.

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To even consider college algebra you need strong algebra skills. So, your expectation would be to work very hard and be challenged often That is why many take advanced algebra.

What is the definition of 'mentally'?

The term 'mentally' can simply be defined as of or relating to an individuals brain or mind. The word mentally is used in many different phrases just as 'mentally ill'.

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now this type of question would make most people feel mentally i am going to guess and say that fish do not have chromosomes I could not find how many specifically for a tuna however fish do have chromosomes

What were the Common mental disorders in the middle ages of Europe?

This is rather hard to answer because it wasn't until the 1900's that mental disorders were given names or diagnosed. I would guess that a percentage of the population were mentally challenged, that there was depression, autism, suffered from brain injury, emotional problems of various sorts, and people who were insane. Many times these people were picked out to be witches and put on trial for the crime of witchcraft. Children born mentally disabled or physically disabled were killed or sold.

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No. Children, many mentally disabled people, criminals, and other mentally insane people should not be allowed to have guns for fear of them hurting others or fear of having to kill them to prevent harm to others.

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Alvin Schwartz books have been challenged in many libraries. Kirkland, Washington was one place that challenged his books but it was successfully defended.

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Are you stupid?Why do you care?This is none of your business. Ignore the above troll. Given the rate of population growth, quite a few. Or are you trying to ask how many people who had children attended college later? **Why is that a stupid question?! I am trying to find out too. There are many college students with children working hard to help their families. It's encouraging, motivating, serious and NOT stupid.

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The French challenged Spanish colonization efforts in the Philippines as did many Filipinos themselves.

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3 martine beauty Pocahontas i learn from college

Does autism effects intelligence?

The short answer is yes, many autistic children are also mentally retarded. Not all of them are, however, and some autistic people have very high IQs.