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DATING isn't the problem, it's what you DO on the dates. If you're asking what I THINK you're asking, you can get some hard time at a state prison. The amount of time depends on the state. You will also get your name on the Registered Sex Offenders list and everywhere you go you will be watched by police. Surely you knew that, didn't you?

Answerok its wrong yes. i know we have done mostly everything its up to me about the sex he ain't a presser. he loves me. so anyways how many years can he get? AnswerThere is no definitive answer to the question as there are too many variables involved. The nature of the relationship, the length of the relationship, whether or not the male was in a position of power (such as a teacher) and so forth, all factor into any possible charges and sentences. It is an extremely serious situation and for obvious reasons should only be discussed with legal counsel as soon as possible. In general most criminal charges pertaining to a minor as young as 14 and an adult are felonies and carry a 3 to 25+ years, more if multiple counts or if the adult has had previous convictions for any reason.
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Q: How many years can a guy get for dating a 14-year-old when he is 24?
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