How many years does it take get to Saturn?


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That would depend on the speed. With current technology, several years.

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Around 29 and a half Earth years for Saturn to orbit the Sun.

About 30 Earth years. 29.657296 Earth years. It takes Saturn 29.657296 Earth years to orbit the sun once.

The planet Saturn orbits the Sun once in 29.7 Earth years, or 1 Saturn year.

why does it take 30 earth years for saturn to orbit the sun ?

Saturn has about 3 thousand years left

It takes about 29.46 Earth years for Saturn to orbit around our sun.

Yes, the technology exists for someone to travel to Saturn, but the journey would take many years.

Man has never been to Saturn. the farthest we have ever gone is the moon. Although it took 5 years for a Russian satellite to get there.

With current technology, it is more like several years.

Saturn is 4.6 billion years old

It Takes about 8 Years to go to Saturn

5-6 years it would take 5-6 years to travel to Saturn from earth!

Between 3 & 4 years - using current technology.

At the speed of light it would take take just over an hour. By conventional rocket: the Cassini probe took seven years to reach Saturn. Pioneer 11 took 6 years

it takes 29 years and 167 days for saturn to orbit the sun

It takes about 29.5 Earth years for Saturn to orbit the sun once. 10,768 Earth days is the nearest estimate.

It takes almost 30 Earth years for Saturn to go around the sun once. So, 1 year on Saturn = 29.6 years on Earth. When you turn 29 and a half, Saturn will be back in the same place it was the day you were born!

Since Titan is near Saturn it would take about 8 years or 3000 days.

a year on Saturn takes 29.4 earth years.

One year on Saturn is 26 earth years.

Saturn takes 29 years and 168 days to orbit the sun.

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