How many years does it take to become cardiologist?


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It takes about 15-20 years to become a cardiologist.


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In order to become a cardiologist, you usually have to complete a doctorate degree in medicine (M.D.). Once you have your degree, you must complete a residency program (internship) in cardiology, which can take many years. You obtain your cardiologist title afterwards. If you want to become a cardiac surgeon, the residency is longer.

answer there are many great classes to take to jump start your career to become a cardiologist some classes to take before medical school can be human anatomy and physiology, Medical terminology, immunology, microbiology, biochemistry, and any other basic science class will benefit you greatly in preparation to become a cardiologist.

It all depends on where you study. Australia, UK, and India have significantly shorter course durations than the US and Canada.

One has to do: 4 years of medical school, 3 years of cardiology residency, and 3 years of fellowship interventional cardiology

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4 years of medical school 3 years of residency in internal medicine 3 years of fellowship training in cardiology this same setup applies for many of the non-surgical sub-specialties. about 7 years of education. and yes you need a college diploma

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a cardiologist makes $165,000-$301,000 a year. a cardiologist is a physician who treats diseases of the heart. they do not do surgery. in high school you must take anatomy, biology, chemistry,math, and phycholgy . personal interest should be helping others, research, the field of medicine, science, and reading there are many years of collage to take

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To become a cardiologist you need to take classes that deal with math, biology, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, english, etc. you have to have a good idea of the body through the dissection of cadavers (obviously) and then you need to get your doctoral degree and take up a residency for about 3-6 years Biology, Chemistry or both major in college

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