Coal (fuel source)

How many years in coal mine to qualify for pension?

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Approximately 200 years in worldwide reserves.

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How does NFL player qualify for NFL pension?

how many years in the nfl needed to retire with pension

How many years national insurance for a full pension?

30 years in UK gives a full pension, I just asked this question on the pension help line 0845 3000168

How many years do you have to play in the NFL to get a retirement pension?

3 years

How many years must one play in NFL to get a pension?

There is no pension. NFL players are contractors, not W2 employees.

How many years of coal are left?

about 50 years!!!!!!

How many years after retirement before an nfl player receives his pension?


How many years until you run out of coal?

54589785 YEARS

Who to contact for Carolina Freight Corporation Employees Pension Plan?

I worked for Carolina Freight for many years. Am I entitled to my pension or was there a 401k

How many years does it take to make coal?

1 million years

How many years of marriage is your spouse entitled to your pension after divorce?

You must have been married 10 years.

What is difference between pension and gratuity?

A gratuity is like a gift or a free present. Pension is the plan for retirement after long work for many years. Pension in always related to retired, old people.

Why is coal an important resource?

coal is used to be burned and if left for many years it will turn into a dimond

How many tons of coal does a typical coal plant burn each year?

3 years

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How many years ago did Egypt qualify for the 1990 FIFA World Cup?

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How Many years before you use up the coal?

Coal is very common in my area of Canada. It is estimated that Alberta has a layer of coal under 90% of the Provence.

Is burnt coal reversible?

Coal took many million of years to form, and once burnt, only ashes remain. So coal is not reversible, or renewable.

How many years you need to work for Raytheon to get their pension?

5 years but they have long since stopped offering it to new and returning employees.

How many years do you get paid as being a brain surgeon?

You get paid for as many years as you are working as a brain surgeon, as well as pension if you pay into one or receive it as a benefit.

About how many years will it be until you run out of coal?

i don't know why are you asking me

How many years do you need to become a nurse?

After qualifying from High School you will need at least 3 years to qualify for a nurse

How much does a full MLB pension pay per year?

The amount of money an MLB player receives as a pension depends on how many years they are in the league. After just 43 days of employment in Major League Baseball, a player is eligible to receive $34,000 per year in pension money. Many players who play 10 or more years receive $100,000 per year, some more.

How many years married before a spouse is entitled to pension in Ohio?

Not enough information is given in order to answer. Entitled to the spouse's pension under what circumstances? Death? Divorce? Sham marriage? Common-law marriage? Not only is more information needed, all pension benefits are going to be different depending on the type of pension it is (e.g.: union pension - private employer pension - government pension - military pension?) You should probably consult with legal counsel over this question as it can get quite complicated depending on the circumstances, just a few of which are enumerated above.

How do you get coal?

Coal is obtained by strip mining which removes all soil above a coal deposit. The soil is replaced but it takes many years for the ecosystem to recover and there are four ranks of coal which are:lignitesub-bituminousbituminousanthracite

Why is coal a living thing?

Coal is not a living thing. It is produced by a biological and geological process that takes many years, beginning with dead plant matter being converted to peat. That peat then becomes converted into lignite, then sub-bituminous coal, then bituminous coal, and then anthracite. The natural coal that is found in the US was formed about 325 million years ago.