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How many years in history before Christ?


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It depends on who you ask, really. The Christians believe that the world is somewhere around 6,000 years old, therefore making it roughly 4,000 years in history before Christ. Many scholars disagree, with answers ranging from 1,000 to even 10,000 years before Jesus. These theories come from "doing the math" generation to generation mentioned in The Bible, along with dates and/or times specified by the writings in the Bible. If you were to ask someone who was not religous, the answers range from 10,000 years to well over 65 million. Carbon dating is a way that scientist figure out the age of material(s). The truth of it is, however, that science has, in the past, been wrong, meaning that two or more scientist carbon dated the same material and came up with different answers. So it really boils down to your personal beliefs.

(Disclaimer: The following portion is from a scientist,)

Actually the world is about 4.6 billion years old. If you are talking about how long humans (in their current form) have been around it's closer to 100,000 years. Humans have a rich history, the majority of which was hunting and foraging. Depending on how you define "history", it could be from when writing was invented, the birth of Christ, or the tens of thousands of years before homo sapiens started making written accounts.

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Job lived 1800- 2000 years before Christ.

There were many sea going people before the birth of Christ.

Isaiah lived roughly 700 years before the birth of Jesus Christ.

B.C. stands for "Before Christ." Therefore 200 B.C. is two hundred years before Christ. This year, 2013, is two thousand thirteen years after Christ, or 2013 A.D. (which means After Christ, but in Latin).

AD = Anno Domini which means after christ BC = Before Christ which means literally before christ Therefore 30 AD isn't even before Christ, it's 30 years after.

888 years. take 444 years before christ, and add 444 years after christ.

Many volcanoes erupted in the years before Christ.

About 4,000 years.Newer records have been found and it has been discovered that Jesus was really born in 4BC.

Well, not negative. But most people use the Gregorian Calendar. And whe use BC and AC to indicate Before and After Christ, but does not mean the Before are negative years. It's just an event in history that set a mark for calendars.

2011 years ago before Christ was born, the time went back wards. When Christ was born, the time started going forward, therefore, it is easy to tell when Christ was born. ( what year it is, that is the year that Christ was born. ) ( Christ is Jesus. )

No. Pangaea was formed many, many millions of years before Christ

If you are asking for years Before Christ 2300 years ago, then do 2300-2011(the year you are in) and that will give you 289 BC...

BC, or time before the birth of Christ, and AD, Anno Domini are ways of counting years and designating times before or after a widely recognized point in time. There is no practical limit on the number of years before the birth of Christ. The years go back to the unknown start of time. In years AD, 2016 of them so far.

25BC means that this time was 25 years before the common era (CA) or before christ (BC). 200AD means 200 years after the common era (CA) or after christ Add the two together: 25 + 200= 225 years.

Isaiah was written circa 740-680 B.C..

The latest scientific evidence suggests that there were about 13.75 billion years, plus or minus 170 million years, before the birth of Christ. Here are some good articles on the subject:Why_do_scientists_think_Earth_is_4.5_billion_years_old

Emperor Augustus was the first Roman emperor, and he began reining about 30 years before Jesus was born.

Because there is no year "zero" this would be 3999 BC (Before Christ) or BCE (Before the Common Era), but this year [2011] it would be 6000 years ago.

There are 429 years between 210 b.c. and 220 a.d. It is known that b.c. stands for Before Christ and a.d. stands for anno domini. These are specific time periods used to designate a time frame in history.

Traditionally about 2014 years, as the early historians called the time before Jesus "Before Christ" and the time after Jesus' Death "Anni Domini" (the year of our lord)

The Western historical calendar is divided into BC and AD. BC standing for 'Before Christ' and AD 'Anno Domini' (meaning 'the year of our Lord'). Thus dating is easily traceable in reference to Christ. It can be assumed that 1 AD is roughly one year after the birth of Christ; 25 AD twenty-five years after; 62 BC sixty-two years before etc. Following this thinking, the year 2008 AD means 2008 years have passed since the birth of Christ.

Jesus Christ lived for 33 yrs

in A.D. (ano domini), there have been 6271200 seconds. in B.C. (before Christ), there have been 225600 seconds. add 6271200 and 225600, you get 6496800 seconds in Earth's history

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