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Q: How many years of college do you need to become a middle school teacher?
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How many years must you be in school to become a music teacher?

how many years(total) will you go to college or trade school for middle school music teacher

How many years of college do you have to complete to become a elementary school teacher?

you need at least four years of college to become a elementary teacher and if you want to become a junior high teacher or a high school teacher you need eight years of college or a higher degree in education

What are the college courses needed to become a kindergarten teacher?

go to teacher school

What college math requirements are needed to become a middle school math teacher in Kansas?

u need 8 years in college and a master degree in teaching

How can you become a teacher?

To become a teacher, you need to go to college for 4 years to become an elementary/middle school teacher, but you need to go for 6 years in order to become a high school teacher. It would also help if you work on being very patient, because some students take a while to understand the material you are teaching.

What high school credits do you need to become a chemistry teacher?

None, you need college credits to become a certified teacher. Just pass High School get into college and then proceed from there.

What colleges can you attend to become a teacher?

thats a good one i think it could be a prvate college that can give you some benifits for a degree or you can go to a university such as arkansas college and study there and gain a degree there for example you wanted to become a middle school teacher well you decided to go to a prvate college and you suceeed in getting a degree there and was elegible to teach in middle school class.

How long do you have to be in school to become a teacher?

it takes to 4 years in regular college

What do you have to do to become a primary school teacher?

you must go to college to get your teachers digree

What do you need to become a middle school teacher?

you need at least a bachelors degree from a good teacher education program.

Where I can find a middle school teacher?

In middle school

What are the requirements needed to become a kindergarten teacher?

The requiements needed to become a kindergarten teacher is not so much as a highschool or middle school teacher. However being a teacher in general requires lots of work and determination.

What college course to take to be a track coach?

you want to be a middle/high school coach? be a teacher first.

Did The X Factor's Wagner teach at Ridgeway middle school?

No, he was a P.E. teacher at Leasowes Community College.

What should you do after alevels to become a primary or secondarymiddle school teacher?

I would like to become a teacher either for a primary school or a middle school I'm currently doing my A-levels and was wondering which was the best routes and courses to take/do x

What subjects do you need to take in high school to become a p e teacher?

It doesn't really matter beyond the fact that you need to take the courses that will get you into college, because a college degree is required to become a teacher.

When did Edison middle school become a middle school?

Edison middle school became a middle school when it was built. Because they built the middle school to become a middle school.

What is a good high school to go to if you want to become a teacher?

I think you need to know what college to go to not high school

How many years of college to become a bilingual teacher?

Most people can complete their college training to become a bilingual teacher in 5 years. You can check with the college to see if course you have taken in high school can be entered for college credit reducing the amount of time you need to attend college.

What steps are involved in becoming a teacher at a college?

To become a teacher at a college the individual should have a high school diploma or have completed their GED. Next a degree in teaching and then a job as a teacher assistant while obtaining a PhD.

What are the chances of being a teacher?

The chances of being a teacher depends on your childhood, middle school and high school grades. If you get good grades, and if you want to be a teacher, there's a good chance you will become a teacher. If you get bad grades, you will be working as a garbage man, so do good in school.

What are jobs available with a bachelor of math degree?

You can be anywhere from a middle school to a high school math teacher. You can be anywhere from a middle school to a high school math teacher.

Could you tell me how to become a preschool teacher?

The education needed to become a pre-school teacher varies with each school. Most pre-schools require an associate's degree in early childhood development through a community college.

How do you become a teacher?

Most states require a teaching credential and a minimum of a bachelor's degree. You would also have to maintain a good grade in elementary school, middle school, and high school. So hit the books!!!!!!!!!

What is the difference between a College teacher and a High School Teacher?

college teachers typically have phd's.