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Yes you can, and it's a great place to start. Also, it would be much less expensive also. That being said, listen to what I have to say. I have been involved with the nursing curriculum's at colleges and universities for many years. So what I am about to say comes from practical experience and observation.

There are many individuals pursing nursing degrees today. In comparison, There are few who actually graduate. Nursing is one of the most intensive programs of study an individual can hope to complete in good form. First, your heart must be into this. You must have a passion for what you want to do and the benefit it brings others as well as yourself. It goes beyond the stability of the career, the money, the benefits, etc. It's about helping people in good times as well as the bad times.

Most students do not make it through because either their heart is really not into it, or they take on too much, too soon. For example, in one of the colleges I have worked with, the curriculum layout combines human anatomy II with nursing I (a professional phase course). For most students this is just to much to handle. Thus, they either fail or drop out. The best advise I can give you, is to complete all of the general education courses first before going into the professional phase courses. In others, besides the English, psychology, sociology, humanities etc. it is critical to complete the following.

* Human Anatomy I * Human Anatomy II * Microbiology * Chemistry When to enter the professional phase nursing courses, you want to concentrate on nursing and just nursing. This will increase your chances of completing the program successfully.

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Typically, an associates degree is designed as a two year program of study. However, because of the number of credits and prerequisites required it usually takes longer. How much longer depends on how quickly you can finish the appropriate prerequisites particular to the program. It will take two years from the point you start the professional phase of the program. In other words Nursing I.


Each college may have its own curriculum layout. In addition, nursing programs today are somewhat competitive. You should contact the community college and request information on their admissions requirements. Start, with your home county community college. If they do not offer the program, then check with the surrounding counties.

In addition, the cost of a nursing program is expensive compared to other associate degree programs. It is not the tuition as such, but the clinical fees that brings the cost up. Make sure you have your finances in order, and make sure you apply for financial aid assistance if needed.

Lastly, many individuals are going into nursing programs today. In comparison, only a few graduate because of the intensity of the clinical phase. The reason is that they take too much of a credit load. For example, one community college I know of combines Nursing I with Human Anatomy and Physiology II in the same semester. This is too much for most students. I would strongly recommend you complete all of your critical science courses first, and as much of the other general education courses as possible before going on to your professional phase nursing coursework. When you start the nursing courses, you want to concentrate on nursing, and just nursing. This will give you a better chance of completing the program in good form. Typically, (check with the school) the courses to complete are as follows. * Human anatomy and physiology I * Human anatomy and physiology II * Microbiology * Chemistry (inorganic, organic and biochemistry) * English composition * General psychology * Child psychology * Sociology * Humanities electives

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Q: How many years of school to be a nurse in community college?
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