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My Sister is a solicitor in conveyancing and we are buying a house she is dealing with the searches and one of the searches is for Bankruptcy. She sais that they search for Bankrupsy in the last 10 years. Once Bankruptcy is resolved you have to wait at lease 6 years for it to be removed from your credit rating file then you need another 3 - 5 years to build up your credit rating again. Hope this helps

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Q: How many years would a bankruptcy filed in 1997 affect your credit?
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When you marry someone who has filed bankruptcy do you also take on the bankruptcy?

No, however the person's bankruptcy would be a contributing factor if the couple applied for joint credit such as a morgage.

If someone filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and wanted to repay some of the debts listed in full would that bring their credit with those creditors into good standing on their credit report?

No-the accounts have been discharged in bankruptcy.

Where would you find records of past car loans which was finance by Bank One then loan went into bankruptcy and paid out by bankruptcy?

Try searching your credit report for info. Last resort would be to go to Lawyer that filed your bankruptcy.

If someone is renting a house that is NOT in their name and the owner of the house has a lien filed against them how does that affect the renter and their credit?

It would not affect your credit at all because you are merely the tenant and are renting the property. Since you do not own it, and the owner is the person that has the lien filed against them, it will not affect you or your credit.

How long would a bankruptcy filed in 1996 stay on your credit history?

Ten years from the date of the discharge, not the date of the filing.

How do you remove a bankruptcy from your credit?

You can dispute a bankruptcy to the credit bureaus. This gives them 30 days to verify it with the courthouse that filed it or it must removed from your credit report. This would only be the bankruptcy, not the items included in bankruptcy. You would have to dispute them separately. Answer No, a bankruptcy cannot be removed if you actually had one and it was discharged. Rather, it will "time out" after a set number of years. You can recover some credibility after a couple of years of paying accounts as agreed.

How long do you have to wait to apply for a credit card if you filed for bankruptcy?

you would most likely have to wait for a few years until your credit can start to steadily go up again.

When will a bankruptcy come off your credit report if the discharge date for your Chapter 7 was September 1996?

The statute of limitations for reporting information about a bankruptcy is ten years from the date it was filed. You did not mention the filing date, so the very late date your bankruptcy should show on your credit report would be September of 2006.

Can you get a student loan if you have filed bankruptcy?

I am trying to figure this out myself as I have recently filed bankruptcy and both my husband and I are students. There is a portion of the bankruptcy code that makes it illegal for government agencies to refuse student loans to those who have filed bankruptcy. So, as far as getting Title IV funding, such as government backed loans, you should still be able to get them. Title IV loans are not granted based on credit worthiness and therefore should be given to those who have filed banlruptcy, as long as there are no other eligibility issues, such as a student loan in default, drug conviction, etc. If you want to get a loan from a private lender, then they are under NO obligation to give you a student loan if you have filed bankruptcy or have other credit problems. For example, the Plus! loans that are available to parents are based on creditworthiness, so a bankruptcy would affect your ability to get this type of loan. As far as my student loan after bankruptcy, I did have to fill out additional paperwork and am still awating the results. I will post again after I find out what happens.

Can you cosign for a car while in chapter 13 bankruptcy?

No. You would not be a good credit risk nor a sensible guarantor if you are in bankruptcy yourself.No. You would not be a good credit risk nor a sensible guarantor if you are in bankruptcy yourself.No. You would not be a good credit risk nor a sensible guarantor if you are in bankruptcy yourself.No. You would not be a good credit risk nor a sensible guarantor if you are in bankruptcy yourself.

Before discharge of a chapter 7 active bankruptcy can you apply for credit or will it affect you bankruptcy?

No legitimate commercial lender will grant you credit while you are in a Chapter 7. Any applications will be turned down and will adversely affect your credit score. The only possible credit situation would be a mortgage restructuring, if you are reaffirming the mortgage, and even then they prefer to wait until you are discharged.

If you have already filed for bankruptcy will your credit go up if your parents add you to their credit card account?

A consumers' credit scores are calculated based on ALL the information showing in their credit report. It would be impossible to guess the impact of one account on the whole without extensive information.

Can a roommate's bankruptcy have a negative effect on your credit report?

No. Not unless you all share a SS # too. The only other situation where a roomates bankruptcy would might affect your credit is if you file for a joint or co-signed loan together.

How can you find out if your bankruptcy has been discharged?

One way would be to go in person and checking with the local courthouse in the city/state in which it was filed. Another would be to order a copy of your free annual credit report.

How would bankruptcy affect a license to sell insurance?

Bankruptcy would not affect your license to sell insurance in any way. It does not affect your ability to continue to make money.

How do you prove that you are not bankrupt?

If one files for bankruptcy in the United States, you do not have to prove that you are, and you do not have to be insolvent. Therefore, you are bankruptcy in a legal sense if you filed for bankruptcy. If you want to prove that you are NOT bankrupt all you have to show is that you have not filed for bankruptcy. If you meant insolvent, rather than bankruptcy, to prove that you are not insolvent you would have to show that your income exceeded your debts.

Will a bankruptcy affect your auto insurance rates?

I don't actually work for an insurance company, but I do know that credit can affect your rates (bad credit = worse rates). Insurance, after all, bases its life on risk: the riskier they think you are as a client, the higher your rates. Credit is the same way, so it only makes sense that a bankruptcy would increase your auto insurance rates. Yes, bankruptcy will affect your insurance rates. I have Erie insurance and my rates did go up quite a bit. My home insurance more than my auto insurance. I had only filed one claim on my home insurance in 27 years and never late in payment and yet my rated jumped almost $200. I was told this was because of the bankruptcy. I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

Would filing chapter 7 bankruptcy clear foreclosure from your credit report?

No, in fact it will leave a Bankruptcy record on your credit report for 10 years.

Does your spouse have to tell you they have filed for bankruptcy?

Items on your credit history remain only with you. They do not get copied to your wife's credit history after you get married. The only items that appear on both your credit histories is if you have a joint account with both your names on the account. I would get the advice of a lawyer on how best to proceed. You may have certain rights or obligations depending on whose name was on what papers. I am an attorney who concentrates her practice in bankruptcy. No, your spouse is not required to tell you that he or she has filed bankruptcy. However, if you are anticipating dissolution of marriage or there are other special circumstances, the court may find fraud if your spouse disposes of assets or relieves himself or herself of debt. It varies from state to state. However, there is no requirement that a spouse tell the other of a bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a matter of public record though and you can look up whether people have filed or not by going to the PACER website.

Do creditors get money from settlement if no claim was filed during bankruptcy?

They would legitimately be entitled to be a party to the settlement but would need to apply to the bankruptcy administrator for consideration in this instance.

Can you take the FINRA exams if you filed bankruptcy?

yes but that would be stealing unless you paid for it

I filed for bankruptcy in 2001now I need a cosigner for my new apartment will the cosigner know about the bankruptcycan the bankruptcy creditors link the cosigner to me damage their credit?

I am in the same boat due to illness and I am looking for a co-signer so I can rent an apt. The bankruptcy has been discharged per the court, and it is hard to rent an apartment sometimes with a co-singer. Everyone has different rules. I believe if you filed a bankruptcy, then had a co-signer, it would have no effect on them, only what you do after they co-sign

What year did you file bankruptcy jimmie Wayne white?

It is impossible to tell through public record what year Jimmie Wayne White filed bankruptcy. This is information that is confidential to his credit report, and if it has been at least 10 years the information would have been purged from record.

Filed for bankruptcy 8yrs ago and not credit card since should I get credit card now to esatablish credit score and how long will it take to build this up to be able to remove bankruptcy from credit?

Normally the bankruptcy will remain on your report for 10yrs. The longer it is on your report the less impact it has on your score, although still an eye soar to potential creditors. I would recommend establishing one or two cards to build up your credit. Orchard Bank and First Premier are two of the easiest approval cards. Also, I would recommend establishing a secured loan with a small credit union that report to the 3 credit agencies. On the credit card(s) try to keep the balances below 35% if the credit line. A good credit score is also based on various types of credit, not just revolving credit (Credit Cards).

If you filed bankruptcy 4 years ago and your new husband has stellar credit history does your credit have to be checked when applying for a lease?

If it is going to be a joint obligation, then they will check your credit status. If both incomes are not needed to qualify for the transaction, the husband could apply in his name only. Therefore only his credit rating would be used.