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Where would you find records of past car loans which was finance by Bank One then loan went into bankruptcy and paid out by bankruptcy?


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2020-08-16 14:13:35
2020-08-16 14:13:35

Try searching your credit report for info. Last resort would be to go to Lawyer that filed your bankruptcy.

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Loans would be assets and deposits would be liabilities.

Any financial or monetary activity that deals with a company and its money. Making loans to local governments near bankruptcy making loans to large industries, hoping the effects would help the whole economy. making loans to banks, railroads and other businesses.

in most cases you can't included student loans in the bankruptcy filing. It would all depend on who your're trying to get the loan from. Some would let you have a loan (like the government student loans and stuff) but if your trying a private place like a bank you might not be able to.

For any person, a great idea is to compare rates for special finance auto loans. By comparing rates for these sorts of loans, a person can end up paying an incredibly low fee. Comparing rates allows a person to view the entire spectrum of deals offered for special finance auto loans. Usually all sorts of people are able to qualify for special finance auto loans, regardless of their financial background. Even people with very poor credit can qualify for special finance auto loans, which is a great opportunity for these sorts of people. Otherwise, people would likely not qualify for other loans.

No. and Yes. The default on your prior student loan must be addressed and the loan rehabilitated before you're eligible for more student loans. The bankruptcy would only affect you if you had a defaulted student loan that was written off in the bankruptcy. Otherwise, bankruptcy doesn't prohibit you from applying and received federal student loans. Student loans are NOT automatically written off in bankruptcy and take extra steps with the courts.

It is possible that a portion of the loans would be discharged in bankruptcy, perhaps all, but that is difficult to assess without all pertinent information. However new bankruptcy reform will become law as of Oct. 17, 2005, which will not allow any student loans to be discharged, with the exception of a valid "undue hardship" defense.

Pay everything else with credit and use your money to pay off student loans, then file bankruptcy. Although that would ruin your life as filing bankruptcy does the exact opposite of what you think it does, your better off dodging student loans and paying off all other debt first.

That would depend on whether or not it was insured by a non-profit.

A law was passed in 1998 that has made it even more difficult to discharge a student loan in bankruptcy. It is incredibly difficult to discharge a loan in this way, and the only approach is to convince a court that repaying the loan would create a severe hardship for you. You would have a better chance of cancelling the loans or postponing payments through forebearance or deferrment.

Never heard of them -they may be ligit but I would beware when they do not get sent to your email address

making loans to banks, railroads and other businesses making loans to large industries, hoping the effects would help the whole economy.

There are a couple of places where someone can find more information about Wizard car loans. The best place to check would be the website, Motor Finance Wizard.

Personal student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy in the same way as most other types of loans. You would have to file a separate lawsuit regarding the loans and prove that repaying them would be an undue hardship. Look at the "related links" for this question for a news article that talks more about the "undue hardship" standard. You should consult a bankruptcy attorney (or perhaps several to find one who would be willing to take on a student loan case) for a more personalized review. If you cannot get your loans discharged, your next best step would be to consult with a credit counseling service whose purpose is to assist you in negotiating affordable repayment plans and repairing your credit.

An inheritance is reported to the IRS. Federal bankruptcy officers (judges, trustees) have the legal power to access the person's tax records through the IRS AIS system.

Yes, absolutely. They can and they most likely will deny you credit. However if you are paying in full and not applying for finance there would be no reason to deny you.

By checking the PACER court records system. If there was a BK, it would be on the PACER system.

Veterans who would like to obtain small business loans could look at various lending programs set up for them. Government and finance corporations have special programs for veterans.

Most financial companies will not charge for loans for computers if you have bad credit. However, if you want to take a loan from a bank, they would ask you to apply for a traditional credit loan.

I am trying to figure this out myself as I have recently filed bankruptcy and both my husband and I are students. There is a portion of the bankruptcy code that makes it illegal for government agencies to refuse student loans to those who have filed bankruptcy. So, as far as getting Title IV funding, such as government backed loans, you should still be able to get them. Title IV loans are not granted based on credit worthiness and therefore should be given to those who have filed banlruptcy, as long as there are no other eligibility issues, such as a student loan in default, drug conviction, etc. If you want to get a loan from a private lender, then they are under NO obligation to give you a student loan if you have filed bankruptcy or have other credit problems. For example, the Plus! loans that are available to parents are based on creditworthiness, so a bankruptcy would affect your ability to get this type of loan. As far as my student loan after bankruptcy, I did have to fill out additional paperwork and am still awating the results. I will post again after I find out what happens.

No it's not like that the interest would go higher for car loans it all depends on your credit records, but there are many online sources who provide car loans with low interest rates try to contact them and get your problem resolved.

The best way to finance car loans is to find a bank willing to work with your credit. The lower your credit score, the more you'll have to pay in interest versus someone who has almost perfect credit. Sometimes you may want to have a co-signer which would bring your interest rate down significantly.

The first thing to do would be to see a lawyer that specializes in debt and bankruptcy. Then, talk to your bank and credit union. They will be able to work something out for you.

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The best way to find out would be to sit down with a bankruptcy lawyer who would be able to advise you of the different types and whether bankruptcy is the right option for you. Generally speaking, Chapter 7 bankruptcy (straight bankruptcy) is liquidated bankruptcy whereas Chapter 13 bankruptcy (repayment plan bankruptcy) is reorganization bankruptcy

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