How many years would it take to earn an associates and bachelors and masters and professional doctorial degree?

Well, you don't need to earn a two-year associates degree before earning a bachelors. You can start with a four-year bachelors degree. The master's is typically another two to three years and a PhD is another two to three years. Programs differ, as do schools and personal schedules, so completing all degrees can take from 7-10 years. Typical time frames and requirements: Associate's Degree - Two years full-time - Usually requires about 60 credit hours. Bachelor's Degree - Four years full-time - Usually requires about 140 credit hours. An Associate's Degree is not required to start a Bachelor's Degree. Master's Degree - One to two years - Usually requires at least 30 credit hours of graduate level courses. Doctorate's Degree - Two to three years - Usually requires between 80 and 90 hours. Not all Doctorate programs require a Master's Degree first. Example, a law degree is a Doctorate, but the majority of students enter law school directly from Undergrad. An attorney can then earn a Master's Degree later.