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How much a month does moshi monsters cost?


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January 11, 2011 9:57AM

Moshi Monsters is free, unless you want to be a member. if u want to be a Moshi Member, there are 3 ways you can pay. they are

1. you can pay for a month of membership, which costs $5.95 (US dollars)

2. you can pay for 6 months of membership, which costs $39.95 (US dollars)

3. you can pay for 12 months of membership, which costs $49.95 (US dollars.)

Moshi Monsters is good without being a member, but the extra things u get to do by being a member are get to have lots and lots of friends get to go to places that non members can't go

3.Be a Super Moshi and get secret things

4. you can put your art in the museum get to have more than one room in your house.

6. you can buy arcade machines for youre room can go to the underground disco.

8. you can go to gift island and buy gifts of people

9. you can keep 6 moshling in your room and keep all the moshlings in youre zoo

10. you can change the colour of youre monster.

11. you can go to the port and get rare items

12. you can shake the rox tree and get heaps of rox.

i hope that helped. add me im tuftbell. :D