How much beer do you need to get drunk?

If you are under 21 in the United States, any alcohol that you consume makes you legally drunk.

If you are over 21, over the legal age in the country you live in, or have no regard for safety or authority, there are 4 main variables that will affect your drunkenness: your size, your gender, your alcohol tolerance, and what you've eaten.
  • Smaller people work off alcohol slower. A large person may be able to process a beer every hour, a small person may need 3 hours to process that same beer.
  • Your biological gender affects more than meets the eye: men digest alcohol faster. Part of this is size, part of it is the way their livers work.
  • If you drink copious amounts of alcohol on a regular basis, you won't notice the effects of the first beer or two that you drink. Your body will be used to it.
  • Eating before you drink helps your body process the alcohol safely. If you drink on an empty stomach all of the alcohol hits your bloodstream at one time, making you more drunk than had you eaten on a full stomach.

All of this information means that you need a different amount of beer than anybody else to get drunk. Err to the side of sober.