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The amount of bleach needed to shock a pool depends on the size of the pool. It is best to use a pool bleach that is specifically formulated for that purpose. The directions on the bottle should be followed for safety.

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What are the instructions to shock a pool?

3800 gals of pool water shock it with 1 gal bleach

Can you mix Super Shock with bleach to get the iron out of pool water?

Absolutely do not mix shock with bleach. there are chemicals specifically designed to remove Iron from the water. Ask your pool supply store. Hatawa

I think mosquitoes laid eggs in my pool and shock treatment won't kill them. What can I do to get rid of them?

If mosquitoes laid eggs in your pool and shock treatment does not kill them, you can get rid of them using bleach. Pour chlorine bleach into the pool to kill them.

Can bleach be used to shock a vinyl pool?

Yes, but you want to run it through the filter first so it enters the pool evenly.

Can you use pool shock to clean siding on house?

Yes ! Better than bleach! no brushing

Can I add too much liquid chlorine to my pool to shock it?

yes you can bleach the liner or concrete and it can become very dangerous if someone was to go swimming

Can you use Clorox liquid bleach to shock a concrete pool?

Sure but it is not the same strength as pool chlorine. It can also contain metals that can stain you pool surface.

How much bleach to disinfect a wading pool?

Be careful of sanitizing a small wading pool with bleach. Why not empty and refill?

How much bleach do you need to put in your swimming pool?

It is not recommended to put bleach in a pool at all. You put chlorine in them.

How much Clorox bleach to shock a 24 foot round above the ground pool at the beginning of the season?

Around two Clorox 182 oz jugs,

How much bleach per gallon in a pool?


What to do if put too much shock in pool?


How much shock do you use for 18x48 above ground pool?

I have an 18 x 48 pool and we use 1 pound of shock weekly.

How much bleach do you add per gallon of water to swimming pool?

The amount of bleach you add per gallon of water to a swimming pool depends on the size of the pool. For a small wading pool that is up to 100 gallons you would add 1/8th of a cup of bleach.

Can Clorox bleach be used in place of shock and if so is there a calculation formula?

Liquid shock is 12.5% sodium hypochlorite. Clorox bleach is 5.95% sodium hypochlorite. It's the same stuff, but a lower concentration. You would have to calculate how much shock is needed for your pool and make adjustments for the concentration level. It works just as good as high priced "pool shock". i have a 12x36 pool much Clorox do i need to make it clear? its not green ,its foggy!! If your filter is working, and your water is balanced chemically, but still cloudy, perhaps your water has particles too small to be caught in the filter. This is what happened to me this year, after a spring season of record-breaking pollen levels. A pool service technician suggested that I add 20 lbs of alum to my 16x32 in-ground vinyl liner pool. I followed the directions on the alum bucket, and voila, my pool is crystal clear!

How much shock to put in to a 5000 gal pool?

1/2 a bag OS shock

How much chlorine do you use in a 6000 gal pool to shock it?

better to get a bag of shock rather then guess and do it yourself local pool supply should have it

How much shock for a cloudy pool?

Check your Ph level. This can also make pool cloudy.

How much is it for a pound of chlorine?

a dollar- that's how much shock for the pool costs

How much chlorine bleach needed for 4646 gallon pool?


Does a salt water pool contain bleach?

No, a salt water pool does not contain bleach.

Can you use to much shock for your pool?

The chlorine will dissipate over time so using too much isn't fatal. But make sure the pH is in the correct range before you shock the pool.

Do you shock a pool or backwash pool first?

Backwash first then shock. If you shock and then backwash you will be throwing away the shock you just put.

Can you use household bleach in swimming pool to get the green out?

Yes, however not at all effectively as you would require a large amount of household strength bleach to have the same effect as the stuff you would get from a pool supplies shop. Once the water has gone green it requires a "shock dose" of chlorine or similar to kill off the growth, usually 10-15L (~2.5-4gal) of swimming pool strength chlorine is sufficient to "shock" a household pool (~<100,000L). It would be more effective to use household bleach to prevent the green from forming in the first place

Can you use Clorox bleach to shock a salt water pool?

yes you can but..... you are going to get the clhorine smell ,just make sure how many gallons you need!