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Q: How much caloires a a huge triple chocolate cake slice?
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How many calories in a piece of cake?

It depends on the slice of cake. Anywhere from a simple flavored cake at 200 calories a slice, to a decadent cake of 400 to 600 caloires a slice.

how many grams are there in a slice of cake?

There are about 20 grams in an average sized slice of chocolate cake. :D

How many calories in chocolate cake?

It depends a lot on factors of the cake, such as icing, layers, fillings, decorations (sprinkles, shaved chocolate, piping, ect.) and they type of cake (milk chocolate, baking chocolate, dark chocolate, ect.). Generally, a small slice of fairly simple and plain chocolate cake will be about 200 calories. A large slice can be about 400 calories. But a more complex cake can be up to 700 or 800 calories a slice.

How much fat is in a slice of chocolate cake?

depends on how much cake you eat!!

How many calories in a slice of double chocolate cake?

That depends oh how big is the slice and how many are there but i think this site might be helpful:

How many calories is in chocolate cake?

about 260 calories per slice.

Chocolate cake in RuneScape?

Chocolate cake is a food that players can make with a cooking level of 50, heals 150 life poins when consumed and yields 180 cooking experience for making a cake and 30 cooking experience for adding the chocolate. Each slice of chocolate cake heals 50 life points when consumed, which is 10 more than a plain cake. When one bite is taken out, it becomes a 2/3 chocolate cake. When two bites are eaten, it becomes a chocolate slice. Sources:

How many calories in a slice of yellow cake with chocolate icing?


How can you use mint leaves while baking?

You can make a mint and chocolate slice or cake.

How many calories in a slice of German chocolate cake?

2 cups of pure cane sugar

How are triple chocolate cakes triple chocolate?

Usually, it's melted unsweetened baker's chocolate, mixed with semi-sweet chocolate wafers, and white chocolate wafers. Or with cocoa instead of unsweetened baker's chocolate. Or it's a 3 layer cake - layer per type of chocolate.

After consuming a large meal the desire to eat a slice of chocolate cake is an example behavior known as?


How many ounces in a slice of cake?

There are about 2.5 ounces in a slice of cake. :D

How do you make a triple chocolate cake?

Make three chocolate cakes and stick them together Mix together three kinds of chocolate ... perhaps: # white chocolate # fudge chocolate # mint chocolate There are many other variations, of course.

How many calories in a chocolate bar or cake?

The average chocolate bar has 210 calories. The average slice of chocolate cake (commercially prepared, with frosting) has about 250 calories. Just remember: these numbers aren't exact, and the actual numbers can vary depending on the brand, recipe, etc.

How much flour do I need to bake a triple layer chocolate fudge cake for my son with extra choclate?

this is the picture he wants on it

What is a cake slice?

A cake-slice is a knife with a triangular, unsharpened blade, used to cut and serve slices of cake.

How many grams in a slice of cake?

There Are About 20 grams in an average slice of cake. :D

Do you need to take your dog to the vet if she ate a slice of blackwhite cake from Whole Foods on Sunday night?

Your Dog should be fine. However if the cake contains chocolate contact your Vet for advice.

Can i use kahlua to flavor chocolate cake?

Yes you can. Coffee and chocolate flavor pairings are old favorites, and the alcohol in Kahlua will add an extra bite to the coffee flavor . After baking the cake the actual alcohol will largely have evaporated so eating a slice won't get you drunk.

How many calories has chocalate cake?

If the chocolate cake is store bought, the calorie content is usually listed on the packaging. If the chocolate cake is homemade, the calorie content is determined by all the ingredients used, the quantities of those ingredients, and the weight of your slice. Please feel free to ask the question again and include more detail.

What is the difference between the ingredients in a chocolate cake and a white cake?

a chocolate cake has chocolate and a white cake has no egg yolks

If one slice of chocolate cake contains 35g of carbohydrates 15g of fat and 5g of protein calculate the kilo-calories that each slice of cake contains?

Carbohydrate 4kc/1g 35g = 140 kcal Fat 9kc/1g 15g = 135 kcal Protein 4kc/1g 5g = 20 kcal Cake contains a total of 295 kilocalories.

What is better cake or chocolate?

Chocolate cake

What are some diabetic cake recipes that includes dark chocolate?

Chocolate Walnut Filled, Chocolate Zucchini Spice Cake, Chocolate Mint Cheesecake, Chocolate Angel Food Cake Recipe and Diabetic German - Chocolate Cake.