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How much can i get for a old computer?

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that is hard to answer without knowing the basic hardware / software capabilities, i.e. processor speed, memory,ram,etc...

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How much did the old apple computer cost?

The answer to this question depends on which old Apple computer is intended.

How much did the computer cost in the old days?

about 2,000

Why computer makes too much noise?

probably they are too old.

What Personification for an old computer?

An old computer

If computer works for 24 hours how much electricity does it consume?

depense on how old it is, is it a laptop, what is running on the computer, is the monitor on.about $25 a day

Where can you take your old computer to get cash?

Almost any pawn shop will give you cash for a computer, though likely not very much.

How old is the oldest computer?

The oldest computer is 1,000 yrs old

How much is a desktop six year old computer worth?

34,000 dollars 34,000 dollars

What is word for out of date computer?

old computer

How much does an old computer weigh?

about 10 to 15 lbs. just the screen and the adapter is 20 lbs.

Name of this old computer monitor?

Old computer monitors are "CRT" the latest are "LCD".

How will you dispose of your old computer if a dispose a new computer?

Why dispose your old computer then dispose your new computer? Every city has a day where you can drop off your electronic junk

How much is this computer worth?

What computer

How much does a computer networker make?

How much does a computer networker make

How much information a computer can hold?

Depends on how much ram is on your computer

How old was bill gates when he was interested in computing?

Bill Gates was merely thirteen years old when he was interested in computing. He was very much keen on computer programming.

When is a computer considered old?

A computer might be old when it stops working anymore and when it starts slowing down.

Can you personify an old computer in one sentence?

The old computer was not going to be used again.

What are the difference between an old and a new computer?

An old computer is a computer that is strictly speaking, over 2 years old. This will get you hardly any money if you sell it. A new computer is, you guessed it, less than 2 years old and will get you a fair bit of dosh if you sell it. But, would you really want to sell a new computer?

How old is personal information that is found via searching on a computer?

The personal information found via searching a computer is as old as the day it was stored in the computer.

Why won't your computer recognize your ipod?

Your computer is very old.

Can roblox crash your computer?

It matters on how old your computer is. If you have an old computer, the computer might not think that well, and for newer computers, ROBLOX is a nice site and wouldn't make your computer crash. It's not ROBLOX's fault if your computer crashes. It may be that your computer has something wrong with it.

What are advantages of old technology?

Old technology is generally more basic. A PC from the 90s will run faster than a modern computer, it just won't be able to do as much.

How do you set up outlook files from an old computer to work on a new computer?

You can use Import/Export feature of Microsoft Outlook in order to get Outlook files from Old computer to the new Computer.

How much Ram and Rom does the computer system have?

If I was to purchase a computer that is a average desktop computer how much RAM and Rom should I have?