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How much can you earn as an animal cop?

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About $8,000 a Month

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they dont they just get treats and a good home

i think its about £30,000 a year but im not sure

it depends on which animal shelter that you work for.

alot. Not much. Animal control officers are civil employees just like Police officers.

The cons of being an animal cop is not being able to save a poor animal in time!:(

The average for an animal physical therapist to make is $36,000 unfortunately.

I believe they earn at least $300.00 a day but an hourly is $56.00, and a year is$60,700

Large animal veterinarians make between $30,000 to $50,000 a year.

look for a code for 999999999999999999 gems or earn that much

The pros of being a animal cop is you help abused and neglected animals! That's just a great feeling to have.

An Animal cop works 24 hours a day to make sure everything is okay!!

The average salary for an animal cruelty investigator is $31,000. Higher salaries can be provided for individuals who look into animal cruelty crimes as a cop.

Well, as itt happens. I happen to be an Animal Biologist myself, not allowed to tell you how much I earn, its private *tapping nose* ;)

A US policeman will earn a salary ranging from $ 31,000 a year for a policeman starting out to about $ 90,000 for a seasoned higher-ranking officer.

There are many ways to earn achievements on Animal Jam.. . .You can earn achievements by buying clothing or furniture, adding buddies, sending gifts, playing games, answering polls, and so much more!

Ahh I think patience, energy, and to be an animal lover

You can start at $12/hr or more + benefits w/ a H.S. diploma.

An animal cop is a person who finds abused, hurt, neglected, abandoned, unhealthy animals and takes them in their van to the SPCA Hospital and try to nurse them back to health.

a animal cop is someone who puts animals before him or herself. they are qualified as police officers but they defend the abused animals and remove them from neglected homes and aggressive owners.

considering they have to buy the original dogs in the first place and pay for the breed shelter rent, the food, etc, they probably earn as much as they pay, maybe more. hope this helped!

About 35-45 dollars a session so it depends how long you need them

It depends on the socioeconomic status and if you're talking about extensive or se

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