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How much can you sell a ton of copper for?

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How much is a ton of coper?

A ton of copper weighs 2000 pounds.

How much in pounds is a ton of copper worth?

£3000 old boy

How much does 1 g of copper sell for in the US?

I know copper in the US does sell by the pound at $3.00 as of today

How much does copper cost per ton?

In July of 2014, the average price of copper was about 10,000 dollars per ton. It has been rising steadily in value for the past several years.

How much does it cost to extract copper?

Wel it takes one ton of copper ore to get 12 lbs of pure copper. Which is roughly $40 worth of copper retail value.

How much copper has been invested in kg or ton in the market?

The approx. price of copper is 7100 US $/tonne (December 2013).

How much is copper per pound in Virginia?

You will get $2,000,000 for a ton! So that's $12,994 a pound!

How much is copper per pound in Utah?

Depends on how much copper you bring. Roughly 87 cents per liter, which equates to about 7.92 million per cubic ton.

How much does tiger fur sell for?

A $h!t ton of money...... bruhahahahaha

Who do you sell your extra copper pipe to and for how much?

I have a new copper pipe not been used who do I sell it to? Or who would buy it off me as 'm moving house and want to get rid of it.

How much is copper worth today?

A little less than $10,000 a metric ton, which is 2240 pounds.

How much does copper wire sell for?

The rate of copper changes depending on the market. In addition to the market, the price of copper depends on what investors are interested in paying; therefore, it varies from day to day.

How much a US copper 1943 penny worth in 2009?

There are not many 1943 copper pennies known. If it is genuine they sell for well over $100,000.

How much in a ton?

A ton!

How can one sell scrap copper?

One can sell scrap copper by visiting a scrap metal dealer. The wikiHow website offers information about how to sell scrap copper. It details nine steps about what one should do.

How much is one troy ounce of copper worth?

About 26 cents, but copper is priced by the pound and right now, a pound of it is $3.20. (However, it's usually SOLD by the ton, as most industrial metals are.)

Which are the 5 leading producers of copper?

Acording the tons produced in 2009, the list is as follows:Chile (5,320,000 ton)United States (1,310,000 ton)Perú (1,260,000 ton)China (960,000 ton)Australia (900,000 ton)

What is the price of Coke per ton?

A ton of cocaine would sell wholesale for about 7,500,000,000 in the U.S.

What is the scrap price for copper?


How much is a ton of chrome?

A ton[;

How much is a ton of paper?

1000kg or 1 ton A ton is a ton no matter what is the matter.

Where can you buy copper?

you can buy it at a pawn shop or a person trying to sell the copper that they have.

Is it legal to sell copper pennies to scrap dealers for the copper?

no federal offense

How much does a ton of feathers weighe?

a ton

How much does a ton of concrete weigh?

a ton....