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Q: How much carbon does coal fired electricity plants produce?
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How do people use coal?

Coal-fired power plants produce electricity for our homes. People also use charcoal for barbecuing.

Is thermal power plant eco friendly or not?

It depends on the source of the heat:coal fired plants generally ae seen as sources of carbon dioxide sulfur oxides and solid wasteheavy oil plants are sources of carbon dioxidegas fired plants produce less carbon dioxidenuclear power plants have waste problemsgeothermal plants have almost no environmental issuessolar (heat) pants have almost no environmental issues

Why do fusion and fission produce energy?

The heat produced by controlled nuclear reactions is used to operate steam turbines that generate electricity in nuclear power plants in much the same manner as coal or oil fired fossil fuel power plants, except the nuclear plants do not produce carbon dioxide and other 'greenhouse gases' released by burning fossil fuels.

How do the three types of power plants make electricity?

Nuclear, coal-fired, and hydroelectric power plants provide electricity.

What is the difference between a nuclear power station and coal fired power station?

The difference is in the name; nuclear power plants produce electricity via a nuclear reaction producing head to turn a turbine, whereas coal fired power plants burn coal to produce the same efffect.

What power stations produce CO2?

Coal fired power plants,Petroleum power plants,

How could power stations reduce the amount of carbon dioxide they produce?

There are many ways to generate electricity. Methods that burn fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) produce carbon dioxide. Methods using renewable energy do not. Nuclear power plants, although uranium in non-renewable, do not produce carbon dioxide. Power stations could be rebuilt to use different fuel sources. Biomass and biofuel will power a coal fired power station without emitting the carbon dioxide pollution.

How would using less electricity help the environment?

Using less electricity reduces the demand for electricity. This indirectly causes a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and water uses which is produced by the large amount of coal fired power plants that are currently used to produce a large fraction of our electricity. Water and Power are going to become increasingly expensive if we do not figure out ways to be more efficient in the next 50 years.

What has the author Todd P Carington written?

Todd P. Carington has written: 'Carbon capture and storage including coal-fired power plants' -- subject(s): Carbon cycle (Biogeochemistry), Environmental aspects, Carbon sequestration, Coal-fired power plants

Do electric cars give out carbon dioxide?

It depends on the source of the electricity used to power them. Power plants can generate carbon dioxide a lot (coal and oil fired) or a little (watering nuclear), Although the car does not itself generate carbon dioxide the source of its power does and so the car is responsible for the carbon dioxide footprint. In areas serviced by coal fired power plants the carbon footprint of an electric car may be very similar to that of a hybrid or efficient conventional fuel car.

What is coal fired power?

A power plant in which coal is burned to move generating turbines to produce electricity.

How does a coal fired power station produce electricity?

A coal fired station burns coal to produce heat. The heat boils water to produce high pressure and temperature steam. The steam expands in a turbine to rotate the shaft. The turbines rotation drives a generator. The generator produces electricity which is sent out to the consumers.

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