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Q: How much cod liver oil can you give your 26 yr old mare?
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How much cod liver oil to give?

According to the information on the side of a box containing Melrose Cod Liver Oil there are: 3500kj in 100 g of their product or 140kj in 4ml According to my calculations there are 33.438425528 calories in 140kj so therefore there are about 40 calories in a teaspoon.

Is cod liver fattening for dog and about how much would you give a chihuahua?

Very fattening, do not give ANY to ANY dogs. Thank you for your understanding.

Can you give your dog cod liver oil?

People do and also puppies, although Salmon Oil is better as the vitamins are more balanced than in Cod Liver oil.

What kind of fish has cod liver oil?

Cod liver oil is obtained from cod fish. The best quality cod liver oil is from Nordic Naturals.

Can you give cod liver oil to chickens?

yes it will not harm them:) hope this helps:)

Are cod liver oil liquid and cod liver oil tablets the same?

They both contain cod liver oil. However, cod liver oil in the capsule form can be considered as pure cod liver oil, while cod liver oil in the liquid form usually contains flavourings, otherwise it would be rather disgusting to eat. So the percentage of cod liver oil in the capsule form is higher.

Can you give cats human cod liver oil?

It is not ideal. Cod Liver Oil is very high in Vitamin A, which in larger doses can harm the cat. Salmon Oil does the exact same thing as cod liver oil in the way it promotes healthy skin, fur and joints. Salmon oil is made from the whole fish and not just the fish's liver, ensuring the nutrients and fatty acids are much more balanced.

Can you give cod liver oil to chikens?

i would not advisechikens eggs it it could effect the

Can cod liver oil induce you when you are pregnant?

Can cod Liver oil induce you when you are pregnant?