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How much could the original 7 Star Trek dolls from 1967 new in boxes be worth?

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how much is a raggdy ann an andy dolls worth

You can buy all 5 on the Internet ,new in the boxes for $47.50

I have the entire set of Madame Alexander McDonald's dolls that have not been taken out of the original packages. How much are they worth?

I have 2 bride dolls from a store that use to be in town. they look about to be from the 50s. could you tell me what they are worth

I have three original cabbage patch dolls signed by Xavier for sell. How much are they worth?

If they are the porcelain dolls they are worth $40 to $100 each. The vinyl dolls are worth considerably less at $20 to $40 each.

Yes! Troll dolls can be worth quite a bit of money, depending on where you buy/sell them.

Cathay collection dolls are worth $35.00-$50.00. Depending on the condition.

I found somewhere where it said if it's still in original mint box that It could he worth 125$ it might help to do a little research. I would think those dolls would be expensive

the spice girls barbie dolls are worth 40+ dollars depending on what condition they are in.

On EBay they are priced up to 200.00 dollars depending on the condition and weather or not they are in the original boxes. god...............................

An original hand built Burns Balck Bison Bass Guitar with original fittings could be worth up to £4000.00 depending on condition

It depends on which doll, which year and what her/his condition is like. Dolls with cut or trimmed hair are worth almost nothing, whereas some very rare dolls in good conditions can sell for loads on ebay, such as Bratz space angels Jade, which can sell for £50-£100 pound to the right collector. Most dolls in good condition with their ORIGINAL outfit sell for around £5.00 on ebay, but it varies a lot due to rarity.

it would come in use to a very lonly man and Gary gliter

These would be Mattel dolls from 1981. Which one do you have?

One can purchase Backstreet Boy dolls online from: eBay, Amazon, Worth Point. They are not very common and they are not expensive either, prices start from $11 on eBay.

If it's in mint condition with a original tag, it could be worth 1,000.00

It depends on the condition, model, original casing. It could be worth a lot.

Depending on the condition of it, it could be worth between $150-$3,000.

I have a collection of three large Elvis decanters and three small ones. Seals unbroken still in original boxes.

I have plates in their original boxes and certificates, they were left to me by my mother - I cn not use them and would like to find their worth and possibly sell them. Where can I find their worth?

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