How much did food and goods cost in England during World War 2?

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Because of the near bankruptcy of Britain, the price of food and other goods may very will have cost a small fortune.
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Who were the allies of England during World War 2?

Britain's main Allies in World War 2 . Throughout the war: the Commonwealth countries including: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India - and others. . In the early stages, also Poland and France. A little later also Norway, the Netherlands, then Greece, but these countries were d ( Full Answer )

How much did money did World War 2 cost England?

It was roughly worked out in 1990 to have cost $2,091.3 billion dollars which in 1990 exchange rate was about $2 to a £1 which would means it would have cost £1045.65 billion pounds. hopefully this helps.

What was the lifestyle of civilians in England during World War 2?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nA lot of children, if not all, were sent to the country. They were safe here from the bombs. This was very sad as most mmothers did not want to be separated from their children.\n. \nThe women would work in factorys. There were lots of air raids and bombs. ONe day there wa ( Full Answer )

What happened in England during World War 2?

Fortunately, due to it's geography, England was never sucessfully invaded. This allowed the American forces, and some other European troops that had been abroad when their countries' were invaded to gather in England and stockpile equipments, weapons, etc until D Day. The head of the Free French For ( Full Answer )

What work did children have in England during World War 2?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nEducation was compulsory between the ages of 5 and at least 14, without exceptions. Kids under 14 were only allowed to do work that didn't interfere with their education. In urban areas they delivered newspapers and in rural parts they helped helped with agriculture (someti ( Full Answer )

Who was the leader of England during World War 2?

Winston Churchill, who was Prime Minister of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. England is a part of but not the same as The United Kingdom and there has never been a Prime Minister of England. Winston Churchill

How much did things cost during World War 2?

During World War II, the cost of living was much lower than it istoday. For instance, gasoline could be purchased for less than 20cents per gallon, bread was less than 10 cents per loaf, andpostage stamps were less than 5 cents apiece.

What was rationed during World War 2 in England?

Rationing Timeline • 1939 World War Two begins •1939 - Petrol rationing (ended May 1950 ). •8 January 1940 - Rationing of bacon, butter and sugar. •11 March 1940 - All meat was rationed (fresh and canned). •July 1940 - Tea and margarine were rationed.. †( Full Answer )

What was England like during and after World War 2?

It had been severely damaged by the war, food rationing continued there long after the war was over. World War II had taken its toll on Europe. As stated, England had practiced food rationing until 1954. This, among many other issues, annoyed the British public. Parliamentary debates arose between ( Full Answer )

England president during World War 2?

England has no President, but a Prime Minister instead. At the outbreak of war in 1939, this was Neville Chamberlain, but he resigned in 1940 to be replaced by Sir Winston Churchill. Churchill was a Conservative, but during the war years the UK had a coalition government made up of all the political ( Full Answer )

How much money did World War One cost England?

World War One was financially devastating and cost England anestimated 3,251,000,000 pounds. As a result, the government turnedto direct taxation. While in 1913, only 2 percent of people inBritain paid income tax, by 1918, that amount had jumped to 8percent.

What was life like in England during World War 2?

life in Britain was very dule and a lot of people starved and got seriosly ill due to financial issues and having no im under your mums bed .................hahahahh

Type of government in England during world war 2?

The British political parties worked together in a coalition government from 1940 under Winston Churchill. Members of the cabinet included Conservative, Labour and even a Liberal minister. There were no general elections during the period of the war so the parliament elected in 1935 lasted for 10 ye ( Full Answer )

Who was the queen of England during World War 2?

There was no Queen as such reigning as the British monarch. The ruler during World War 2 was King George the Sixth, the father of the present queen, Elizabeth the Second. However, her mother (also called Elizabeth) the wife of King George, was also called Queen Elizabeth because in British Law, th ( Full Answer )

What battles did England fight during World War 2?

Poland Answer There is just to many to list, but Germanys first defeat during ww2 was at the hands of the British ad that was The Battle of Britain, wich was a very significant battle to win and one of the big contributions of winning ww2. But overall there is to many to list.

Who was the General of England during World War 2?

We did not have a 'general' as such. In the UK the leader of the army is called a Field Marshall. In WW2 Field Marshall Montgomery (affectionately known as 'Monty' to the troops) took charge of much of the allied action and, along with Churchill, Roosevelt and the US generals was instrumental in win ( Full Answer )

Who was the govenor of England during World War 2?

I'm puzzled that you think England had a governor in World War 2. The country was neither a colony nor under German occupation. Britain is a constitutional monarchy and does not have a 'guv'.

How much food did you get in World War 2?

If you were lucky you would get k ration. They were an important source of food for WWII soldiers. A K ration was also a pocket ration for paratroopers .... but large, pockets that were designed to be able to hold a k ration box. A C ration is an already canned food sent in to the soldiers. If you g ( Full Answer )

What battles did England fight in during world war 2?

They fought in almost every battle along side the Americans and other countries (the Allies). Some more notable ones are the Battle of Britain Operation Market Garden, and D-Day. Britain was the only country to fight the War from very start to very finish and for a long time it was just the Brits VS ( Full Answer )

Who supplied food to England in world war 2?

it was the Americans. some food went rotten when the shipping companies went on strike. Like in new york the shipping company went on strike and the eggs went rotten, before the eggs got to England you could apparently smell the eggs over 5 miles away! yuk! the eggs were put in a ditch and closed up ( Full Answer )

What was Englands Airforce called during World War 2?

During World war 2 the British Airforce went through drastic changes but its name stayed the same and is still the same today, earlier the airforce was an army organization, lending blue uniforms to the Russians in their revolution the airforce had green, when the revolution finished the uniforms we ( Full Answer )

Did Germans land in England during World War 2?

Do a search on Shingle Street and decide ! . My guess this was a "test" for a full invasion and would have led to the end of England as a nation. Thank goodness for the channel. the RAF and the English people . Sieg Heil . Adolf

Who was the pimeminester of England during World War 2?

Neville Chamberlain was prime minister of England until the first year of war began. After that, Chamberlain was gone and Sir Winston Churchill took his place. So there were two prime ministers during the war.

Englands generals during World War 2?

This information comes from Wikipedia under the heading of World War 2. . Dudley Pound was First Sea Lord and as such the professional head of the Royal Navy from June 1939 to September 1943. He chaired the Chiefs of Staff Committee, which was responsible to Winston Churchill for the British mili ( Full Answer )

Why was England an ally to the US during world war 2?

It was really the other way round. Germany invaded Poland on 1st September 1939. On 3rd September 1939 Britain and France declared war on Germany. In 1940, France was invaded by Germany and British troops were evacuated back to the UK. Due to strong public opinion, the US refused to become involved ( Full Answer )

How many deaths did England have during World War 2?

England was not an independent country then, or even now. By calling all of Britain "England" you have deeply insulted me. The number of casualties suffered by Britain was; 382,700 military deaths and 67,100 civilian.

Did England invaded France during world war 2?

With "invasion" understood as "those already being there and claiming power" being against it, one can say that "England" (The British Empire) invaded Mainland France on at least two occasions: 1) The Dieppe Raid, a half-large size experimental attempt to get som info (or so we have been told), 2) J ( Full Answer )

How much did monopoly cost during World War 2?

In the United States it probably cost $1.00 considering bread was purchased for 5 for a dollar and gasoline was around .28 cents a gallon. You could get a Coca Cola for a nickel. However, consider this: The average American female made around $35 a month at their jobs. Women in the war plants made m ( Full Answer )

How did canned food help during world war 2?

Canned food was used in the K Rations and the rations of the UK forces world wide. This allowed the troops to get protein, fruit, vegetables that were not dried and blah. However, most troops hated the Spam ham and even wrote back home to their families not to send spam. Some of the poor navy boys g ( Full Answer )

What was a cost-plus system during world war 2?

It was a way of buying things, equipment and supplies, for themilitary. Ordinarily, in peace time, the military will issue anotice that it wants certain items, and notify companies in therelevant business that it will accept bids to supply that item. Itwill allow a certain amount of time for compani ( Full Answer )