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lesser known countriesItaly was the second power on the axis side in World War 2 after Germany but to be honest they werent a great help at all,they needed help invading grece,they needed help invading Egypt and when Italy was being invaded they even changed sides,its the only thing that makes me feel sorry for Germany in world war 2,that its allies were useless.France was also pretty useless to Britain in the early part of world war 2 by being beaten easily by the German andvance and even some french changed sides to the axis.Britain and the commonwealth were a great help to the usa on the allied side with Britain being the springboard for the invasion of mainland Europe and Australia being the one for the invasion of the pacific and they also contributed well themselves to help usa ad the ussr.

This is the list of alied and axis countries if you want to know:axis=Germany,Italy,Japan,Finland,Romania,Bulgaria,Austria,Hungary,Vichy France,Thailand

Allies=usa,ussr,Britain,Australia,South Africa,Canada,India,Other commonwealth countries,British empire,France(free french),China,Poland,Norway,Czechslovakia,Greece,Yugoslovia,Denmark and many south American and Middle East countries that didn't really contibute.

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Q: How much did the lesser known Axis and Allied countries contribute to the better known countries on their side?
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