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The wealthy were often not drafted, but if one was drafted he could usually bribe an official with a drink and some money. The cost to hire a substitute was as much as $1000 (an enormous sum at a time when $500 was the average annual income). However, with the flat fee set at $300 for exemption from a single draft call, a substitute could have been cheaper in the long run.

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Q: How much did the wealthy pay to avoid the draft in the Civil War?
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How much did it cost to get out of the draft during the civil war?

300 dollars

How did conscription affect the Civil War?

Conscription, also known as the draft, affected the Civil War in different ways. Since the conscription was new in this time, there were some flaws in their system which made it unfair to some. The conscription immediately led to riots and fear. Most of the riots had happened because the wealthy were able to pay to be exempt from the draft. Overall, the initial conscription of the Civil War itself was not very successful or liked because of how much conflict and pressure it put on the people's shoulders. However, war wise, it gave each side more men to fight with.

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It was the North that had the problems with the draft. An affluent young man could pay a substitute to do his service for him. This was obviously bad for morale. But it also didn't help the armies much. Simply - who were these substitutes? Obviously, men who had been too young or too old when the draft was first announced, or men who had been dodging the draft, or men who had already been rejected by the army.

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