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How much do RC cars usually cost?

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RC CarsBasic models can cost from 10 - 20 dollars, but these cheaper ones can be kind of slow. When it comes to RC toys, the old saying, "you get what you pay for", usually applies. Faster, more advanced models, such as boats and cars, can usually start at around $60, and get even more expensive form there. i work at hobby shop specalizing in r/c planes and cars. you cant get a good r/c car or truck unless your willing to fork out no less then 300 bucks the new top of the line truck we just got in is called a revo made by traxx that one sells for 750 that's without a controller, a good controller is gonna run ya another couple hundred bucks
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How much does it cost to buy an RC car?

RC cars sell for about between $119 and $200 each. Mini RC cars can be bought online for much cheaper. The cost of mini RC cars are about $15-$30 each.

What are RC Cars and how much do they cost?

RC Cars are little motorized cars which can be controlled with a remote control. You can find such toys in your local toystores or online on websites such as Amazon or eBay.

Does carry RC models, specifically Porsche's?

Yes, Amazon does indeed carry rc Porsche cars. They usually cost around sixty dollars.

What are some of the different models of RC Cars for sale at Hobby Tron?

Some different models of RC Cars for sale at Hobbtron are: Nitro RC Cars, Electric RC Cars, Drift RC Cars, RC Car Bundles, Fast RC Cars, Brushless RC Cars, Mini RC Cars, Remote control cars, Radio control cars.

Where can one purchase electric RC cars online?

You can purchase Electric RC Cars online at Hobby Tron. They have many to choose from including - Nitro RC Cars, Fast RC Cars and Cheap RC Cars. Raden Tech also sells RC Cars including Collectible Licensed RC Cars.

How are petrol rc cars different from regular rc cars?

Regular RC cars are generally electrically powered by batteries whereas petrol RC cars run on a fuel as they have a small engine. The other main difference between the two is performance. A petrol RC car will be able to go much faster than a standard electric RC car.

How much do RC-cars cost?

Cheap toy store ones around $10 up to hardcore hobbyist models that run on gasoline- $1000+

What are the websites which sell rc drift car?

I saw a wide verity of RC cars on sale currently, but one website that I saw that offers a big selection of low cost RC cars was "". Also, at any time you can always type what your looking for in a search bar.

How hard is it to build your own RC car?

It is relatively difficult to build RC cars, but if you have detailed instructions its much easier.

Where can one purchase RC drift cars?

You can buy RC drift cars at the website called KYOSHO, they have the best cars in the market! You can find excellent quality cars there. The RC drift cars are not just a "toy" they are really expensive.

How much does the Toyota fj cruiser RC cost?


What do most RC cars use to drive their motors?

Most RC cars use Nitro RC fuel to drive their motors.

Where can you buy inexpensive RC Nitro cars?

RC Nitro has the one speed nitro rc buggy for $119. See the related links below for two other sites you can buy inexpensive RC Nitro cars.

How much do rc boat motors cost?

RC Boat Motors can cost upwards of $100. However, most commonly they cost around $90. For more ifnormation check out

Which brands produce gas powered RC cars?

There are a few brands that produce gas powered RC cars. Some of these brands include Traxxas and Niko. One can purchase RC cars of this nature from Amazon.

Where can I buy RC cars online?

You can buy high quality RC cars online from Hobby Tron. You can also get them at

What is RC hobby?

RC means radio control like remote control planes, cars, boats. etc. it is a very fun hobby to get into and i race "RC" cars.

Where can I buy hummer rc cars in Toronto?

RC cars can be bought in many hobby and game stores across the GTA. Hummer RC cars can be found at most of these places, but are specifically stocked at Advance Hobbies in Toronto.

What companies make Nitro RC cars?

There are many companies that make Nitro RC cars. These companies include: Hobby Town USA, Traxxas, Exceed RC, and many other big businesses. The best Nitro RC car company is Traxxas. They have the best RC cars available but are very expensive.

Where to pawn RC cars?


How much does rc construction equipment cost?

The cost of RC construction equipment will depend and vary mainly based on the type of equipment you are looking for. It can range from fairly cheap to very expensive.

How much does a RC helicopter cost in India?

it cost you around rs. 750/- and can be purchased from sadar bazar delhi India

How are RC cars used?

RC Cars are used in many ways, mostly entertainment. People race, perform stunts and just drive them around. They are very fun. RC Cars can also be used to observe effects and get an idea on how certain things effect full scale cars.

Where might one go to purchase RC Cars Drifting online?

One can purchase RC drift cars in many different web pages. Some of them that offer RC drift cars are NitroRCX, MyShopping, Fishpond, eBay and HobbyTron.

How much does the Walkera RC helicopter typically cost?

Depending on the type of Walkera RC helicopter one would wish to purchase it should cost around $200 to $240. Walkera RC helicopters can be purchased at stores like Amazon.

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