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How much do dental fillings cost?

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September 13, 2011 3:34AM


THE COST of a filling will vary greatly, depending on who you go to and the type of filling. An amalgam ("silver") is cheaper than a composite (white), but the best way to tell is to just call a local dentist from the phonebook and ask them. The more affluent the area, the more they will cost. If you NEED a tooth filled and are afraid that you can't afford it, check to see if there is a TEACHING HOSPITAL in your area. Graduates of dentistry doing their residencey will be MUCH cheaper. When I was younger and didn't have dental insurance, that's what I did and had no problems at all...........<<>>


I had 6 fillings done around a year and a half ago and I had the white (light cured) fillings done. My insurance cost was about $75 per tooth. The silver was free but I didn;t choose that because the silver can put cracks in your teeth and make them sensitive.


Years ago, when composite (white) fillings were becoming popular, I decided to have all my fillings done that way,(at the "suggestion" of the dentist). After only a few years, the fillings on the chewing surfaces started to crack, and I had to have them replaced with regular silver (amalgam) fillings by another dentist. He explained to me that composite fillings are best for non-chewing surfaces that are visable. Silver fillings are still the strongest, and most durable for chewing surface teeth. I think the first dentist that did all my fillings in composite was in it for the extra money. <<>>


I just went to the dentist and my fillings are going to be $220 a piece. The fillings are from not flossing, but I guess cost vary since my coworker had a filling that was only $90 allegedly