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How much do dental fillings cost?

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DENTAL FILLINGSTHE COST of a filling will vary greatly, depending on who you go to and the type of filling. An amalgam ("silver") is cheaper than a composite (white), but the best way to tell is to just call a local dentist from the phonebook and ask them. The more affluent the area, the more they will cost. If you NEED a tooth filled and are afraid that you can't afford it, check to see if there is a TEACHING HOSPITAL in your area. Graduates of dentistry doing their residencey will be MUCH cheaper. When I was younger and didn't have dental insurance, that's what I did and had no problems at all...........<<>> FillingsI had 6 fillings done around a year and a half ago and I had the white (light cured) fillings done. My insurance cost was about $75 per tooth. The silver was free but I didn;t choose that because the silver can put cracks in your teeth and make them sensitive. CONTINUEDYears ago, when composite (white) fillings were becoming popular, I decided to have all my fillings done that way,(at the "suggestion" of the dentist). After only a few years, the fillings on the chewing surfaces started to crack, and I had to have them replaced with regular silver (amalgam) fillings by another dentist. He explained to me that composite fillings are best for non-chewing surfaces that are visable. Silver fillings are still the strongest, and most durable for chewing surface teeth. I think the first dentist that did all my fillings in composite was in it for the extra money. <<>>


I just went to the dentist and my fillings are going to be $220 a piece. The fillings are from not flossing, but I guess cost vary since my coworker had a filling that was only $90 allegedly

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What is amalgam used for?

dental fillings

Can dental fillings break?

Yes they can.

What alloy is used for teeth fillings?

Dental Amalgam is used for teeth fillings.

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What is a dental hollenback?

It is an instrument used to carve anatomy into silver dental fillings.

How much do fillings cost?

It depends on a few things. Where you live, the dental office you go to and how big of a filling you need. Without insurance, expect to pay anywhere from $100-$250 for a filling.

What can Mercury dental fillings do to you?

The answer from the dental community has been "Not Much". There is no conclusive evidence that the amount of Mercury contained in a dental filling can hurt you. You should know that they are not comprised entirely of Mercury and the substance is referred to as amalgam. There are alternatives to Mercury amalgam fillings and you should ask you dentist if these are available if your concern is that great.

How can two or more dental filllings go bad at one time?

Amalgam dental fillings are typically expected to last 5-10 years, although many have lasted much longer. If two or more fillings are placed in a mouth at the same time, it is reasonable to expect that those fillings will probably wear out at about the same time.

Who invented dental fillings?

Nobody invented it, it was the dentist who make's it

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What type of fillings do dentists use to fill an oral cavity?

There are numerous types of dental fillings that a dentist could use to fill a cavity. Examples of these include porcelain, gold or nickel alloys, composite resin and dental amalgam. Dental amalgam are the silver fillings and are a combination of tin, silver, liquid mercury and copper.

Why is gold often used in dental fillings?

Gold is commonly used in dental fillings for cosmetic reasons and because gold is very strong. Discover why gold teeth are unlikely to chip or break with information from a dentist in this free video on dental gold.

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What dental work is covered by medcaid?

Orthodontics with an authorization , fillings , sealants , cleanings

What should a person do if fillings dropped out after dental procedure?

Ask the dentist why it happened?

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