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How much does a dental filling cost?

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Dentists charge different prices and if you get a silver filling it is cheaper then a white filling. You should be able to call different dentist offices in your area and they can give you an estimate.

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How much should a filling replacement cost with no freezing and no dental insurance?

Your life

How much average should a white dental filling cost?

The cost for a composite filling (Tooth Colored) for 1 Surface should be between $130 and $200.

How much average should a white dental filling cost with no medical insurance?

35 dollars

How much do fillings cost?

It depends on a few things. Where you live, the dental office you go to and how big of a filling you need. Without insurance, expect to pay anywhere from $100-$250 for a filling.

How much it cost per dental implant at philippines?

how much per tooth for dental implant

How much cost to dental braces?


How much does it cost a dental implant?


Is dental fillings a mixture?

Yes, a dental filling would be a mixture. This is because the items that make up the filling are mixed together.

How much does an expander cost?

how much does an dental expander coast?

How much is a set of dental inplants?

On average a set of dental inplants will cost about $2500.

Can dentist put filling on top of another filling?

Yes in certain condition we can put a filling on another filling. In other cases we have to remove the old filling and put another one. But when there is too much filling on a rooth, it's better to put a dental crown.

How do you get food out of dental filling?

If you have a filling that traps food, it needs to be replaced ASAP.

How much do dental crowns cost?

It mostly depends on the type of material used. Anyway, this is an article on the cost of dental crowns

How much do dental plates cost?

for a heart trade

How much does dental hygienist training cost?


How much does it cost to get dental braces?

About 5000-10000

How much will it cost to do a dental operation?

It defends on the procedures.

How much is a root canal treatment cost with a dental insurance?

To much!

How much does a dental bridge cost?

on averge hw much does a 3 tooth fixed bridge cost

How much does entering a dental school cost?

The total cost for tuition, books and supplies for the 14 quarters of dental school is approximately $67500

How much does a filling cost for a front tooth?

it is normally $300

How much school cost to become a dental assistant?


How much did dental floss cost in 1815?

3 cents

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