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How much do illegal aliens get out of taxpayers' paychecks?

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Well, they do take jobs that others here legally might have. Illegal aliens do not go through a process of legal citizenship that legal immigrants must go through. They do not pay taxes and yet live here and benefit as if they did pay taxes. Some (more than some) commit crimes (anything "illegal" is a crime) and some (more than some) are involved in criminal gangs.

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How much income taxes are unclaimed by illegal immigrants?

What a question!! Illegal aliens are not eligible for income tax refunds.

How much types of aliens are there?

Up to date, four. Illegal ones, ET, Alien and Predator.

How much of Mexico's GNP is provided by illegal aliens in the US sending money home to their families?


What does it mean when you dream of aliens?

In this dream, the "aliens" probably represent persons or forces from outside the dreamer's area of familiarity. If the dream involves space aliens, there might be a pun on "illegal aliens" - undocumented immigrants - that are the focus of so much political attention and abuse.

Can an illegal alien become a governor?

An illegal alien cannot legally be, or reside, in the United States; much less hold political office.

What is the deductions from paychecks for social security?

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How much do taxpayers pay for welfare?

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How much does the department of homeland security cost taxpayers yearly?

The DHS costs taxpayers about $56,018,032 each year.

How much does the state take out of pastry chefs paychecks?

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How much does it cost taxpayers for each living ex-president?

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The messenger is late with the paychecks; we won't have much time to get to the bank.

Does the health care reform bill really offer health care to the illegal aliens?

No. There are 2 bills in the Senate, 1 in the House, 1 bill being drafted by the Senate Finance committee and the President's proposal None of them propose offering health care insurance to illegal aliens. That said, it would be cheaper to offer insurance to illegal aliens since the Tax payer already pays for their health care. When an illegal alien gets sick, they go to the hospital. The hospital by law, can't not treat the person so those costs (which are much higher then if the illegal alien had insurance and went to a doctor's office) are paid for by tax payers.

How much money did Aliens gross worldwide?

Aliens grossed $183,316,455 worldwide.

How much money did Aliens gross domestically?

Aliens grossed $85,160,248 in the domestic market.

How much does it cost to start a Manga business?

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How much money did the IRS return to taxpayers last year?

300 billion

How much do migrant workers earn?

In the US, migrant workers typically earn only minimum wage at best if they are here legally. Illegal aliens frequently earn less than that.

How much do illegal aliens take out of taxpayers' paychecks?

Unfortunately, we do not have that statistic because people in the Federal Government are being very careful to NOT let it become an issue. Nobody is gathering statistics on illegal aliens, how often they go to a hospital for free medical service, how often the police have to haul them away for a free shower and sleepover at the local jail or any of the many other services that the illegals use that we, as taxpayers, get to pay for. Of course, that doesn't include the fact that many of our younger people are not getting paychecks because the illegals take all of the entry level jobs. Of course, the politicans claim that the illegals are only taking the jobs that nobody else wants. That isn't true. I know of several teens in my area who would LOVE to get a job flipping burgers, but those jobs are all taken by people who don't speak the language. Another statistic that isn't kept is how many traffic fatalities occur because illegals are driving drunk or otherwise impaired. They bring their contempt for law with them when they cross our borders at night and sneak into the country. If we feel that we need people to work the fields or other entry level jobs and truly feel that our own citizens can't do it, why not streamline the immigration process? We need to know who is in the country, what they are doing, what they drive, where they live and we need to collect taxes from them. Although a few illegals pay taxes to a fraudulent SS number, most are paid under the table.

How much money did Cowboys and Aliens gross worldwide?

Cowboys and Aliens grossed $175,910,315 worldwide.

How much money did Aliens in the Attic gross worldwide?

Aliens in the Attic grossed $59,551,283 worldwide.

How can a illegal alien be consider a human being?

In the last 2 years I have seen increase of hate towards Latinos. Using the illegal aliens term to describe another human being should not be used. It has created so much judging of others. Ask yourself this question: What is a Illegal Alien? Who comes to your mind? UFO???

Do illegal immigrants pay taxes?

Yes and no. like common legal citizens some pay taxes but others evade it. However most do, as much as 2/3 of illegal aliens pay medicare, social security and personal income taxes. Yet Congressmen like Tom Tancredo have spread false rumors that illegal aliens are a drain on nation's hospitals, schools, and welfare programs- using services they don't pay for. Info from article on written by Shikha Dalmia

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