How much do illegal aliens take out of taxpayers' paychecks?

Unfortunately, we do not have that statistic because people in the Federal Government are being very careful to NOT let it become an issue. Nobody is gathering statistics on illegal aliens, how often they go to a hospital for free medical service, how often the police have to haul them away for a free shower and sleepover at the local jail or any of the many other services that the illegals use that we, as taxpayers, get to pay for. Of course, that doesn't include the fact that many of our younger people are not getting paychecks because the illegals take all of the entry level jobs. Of course, the politicans claim that the illegals are only taking the jobs that nobody else wants. That isn't true. I know of several teens in my area who would LOVE to get a job flipping burgers, but those jobs are all taken by people who don't speak the language. Another statistic that isn't kept is how many traffic fatalities occur because illegals are driving drunk or otherwise impaired. They bring their contempt for law with them when they cross our borders at night and sneak into the country. If we feel that we need people to work the fields or other entry level jobs and truly feel that our own citizens can't do it, why not streamline the immigration process? We need to know who is in the country, what they are doing, what they drive, where they live and we need to collect taxes from them. Although a few illegals pay taxes to a fraudulent SS number, most are paid under the table.