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How much do turtles cost at petsmart?

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It depends where you live.

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How much money do turtles cost at petsmart?

It changes depending on the place

How much are the turtles at petsmart?

Usually at my location turtles cost 20-$25 but hamsters or mouses cost 6 to 7 dolllars

How much do red slider turtles cost?

it all depence what store you get it from, i got my turtle 50 dollars at PetSmart it cost 15-20$.

How much does an anoles cost at petsmart?

Bahaman anole lizards cost $4.00 at petsmart, and Green anole lizards cost $4.00 at petsmart, too. Helps?

How much does a female chinchilla that doesnt grow much cost at petsmart?

I don't think they sell chinchillas at petsmart...

How much do pregnant hamsters cost at petsmart?

petsmart doesnt sell pregnant hamsters

How much do cats cost at petsmart?

2o dollars

How much do bunnies cost at PetSmart?

The best way to find out is to call the local PetSmart store and ask.

How much do red eared slider cages cost at petco?

Depends on the size of ur turtles. I heard per 1in on their shell 10 gal. I wouldn't recommend Petco, go to PetSmart. My first cage was $13 for a 20 gal at PetSmart.

How much does a gerbil cost at petsmart?

A gerbil will cost about 10-20 dollars.

How much would a female guinea pig cost at petsmart?

I don't know about petsmart but a guinea pig normally cost between $20-$30.

How much does a jack dempsey fish cost?

7.99 at petsmart

How much are dwarf hamsters?

they cost at petsmart 15 dollars

How much does hamster food cost at PetSmart?

Around $5.99

How much do hasters cost at petsmart?

20-40 dollars

How much does the petsmart obedience training cost?

60 dollars

How much do hamster cost at petsmart?

their about 7.00 - 16.00

How much do aquatic turtles cost at petco?

Aquatic turtles cost $17.00

How much does a pet hamster cost at petsmart?

They cost around ten to twenty dollars

How much do mice cost at petsmart?

I believe they cost somewhere between $3-$6

How much do cats cost at pets mart?

Petsmart does not sell cats BUT most of them do have a cat adoption center that Petsmart is in partnership with.

What store sells turtles?

petco, petsmart, etc

How much do rabbits cost at petsmart?

i don't think they sell rabbits

How much do hamsters cost in petsmart?

They're about 10 dollars each.

How much a hamster cage cost at Petsmart?

Go to and look.

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