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* You would get $5,110 dollars for 2 years * but you would also get the hang of watching kids!<3 * but if you dont like kids you should not take the job!!!

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โˆ™ 2008-11-03 19:13:09
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Q: How much do you get for babysitting for 2 years and 7 dollars an hour?
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How much do you charge for babysitting a 3 yr old?

$5 dollars an hour

How much to charge for babysitting in ga?

$7 dollars a hour is good or 20 a night

How much money can earn babysitting business earn?

Ten dollars a child per hour&gt;

How much does a twelve year old get paid an hour for babysitting?

it usually depends on who's kids you are babysitting. but to be safe it goes from 5 to 10 dollars

How much should you charge for babysitting per child?

At least 5 dollars and hour. Per kid.

How much should a fifteen year old in Louisville be paid for babysitting?

4 dollars an hour, per child.

How much should a 13 year old charge for babysitting?

I get $6 an hour from a single mom and $15 an hour from big family.Well, first of all it depends how many kids. Here is what people usually pay me.1 kid= 5$ an hour2 kids= 8$ an hour3 kids= 12$ an hourI have never had to watch 4 kids. But i hope this helps you! Have fun babysitting!between 20-40 a night it depends how much you do if you clean how many children how long your there that kind of stuff.maybe 6 an hourif u are babysitting a small toddler or infant about 10 dollars an hourand if you are babysitting a kindergartner about 4 dollars an hour

How much should you charge for babysitting?

If you are going to babysit a 2 or three year old then you should charge 10 dollars an hour

How much do you charge an hour for babysitting?

I do it for free

How much do you get paid an hour to babysit?

How much a person will be paid an hour to babysit will depend upon who they are babysitting for. If you are babysitting for one child, a good price would be $10 an hour.

How much do get paid per hour for babysitting?

$15-$20 an hour

What is the average cost of babysitting for 1 hour?

I can't tell you how much because it actually depends on the person, how old you are, how the kids you're babysitting, how many kids you're babysitting so yeah. For me the average price would be about 30-60 dollars.

How much should a 14 year old get paid for 5 hours of babysitting?

About $25 dollars, give or take a few dollars, you should be getting about $5 an hour. At the lowest, maybe $3?

How much do you make babysitting?

I make $5 to $10 an hour.

What are jobs a college students can to at least 15 dollars an hour?

There are several jobs that college students can do that pay higher than minimum wage, and perhaps as much as 15 dollars an hour. These include babysitting, nannying, tutoring, and working as a research assistant for a professor.

How much do you charge for babysitting with babysitting license?

If you're a beginner then you should charge $5 an hour, but if you're more advanced, you should charge $6 or $7 an hour.

How much to charge for babysitting?

About 5 to 10 dollars an hour. dont be too pushy, or you might not be hired again. If you don't want to be hired again, bargain it off.

How much does a pipefitter earn in a year?

They usually make about 13-15 dollars an hour if they have been on the service for about ten years but they can make up to 50 dollars an hour. In the south it is common to make about 21 dollars an hour.

How much is 14 dollars an hour?

14 dollars an hour is 14 dollars an hour... Please specify the question.

How much money can you make babysitting?

I would say depends on the family your babysitting for some they pay the min. wage which is like $7.50 an hour others pay $10.00 an hour.

How much should a 13 year old get for babysitting?

10 per hour

How much do parents pay 12 year olds for babysitting?

depends on the parents but my cousin babysat for a couple of years and they were paying her 10 bucks an hour!

Beth earned 20.00 dollars babysitting she spent 2.5 of it on a paperback book how much did she spend on the book?

Five dollars

Animal cops make how much a year?

Animal cops make about 25 dollars a hour starting and over the years the most you can come up to is about 56 dollars a hour but that's a lot of years you have to do in order to get that high

How much is sixteen dollars an hour?

Sixteen dollars an hour is a lot for today's standards.