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It depends on where you buy them, not only the store, but the city. Also, different varieties of donuts can change the price as well. About 5 dollars is the normal price for a dozen at several cheaper places, but some of the more expensive might charge 8, 10, or even more for one dozen.


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1 dozen doughnuts today will cost $6.49

This depends on where you are shopping.

They are about 8 dollars for a dozen and 5 dollars for 1/2 dozen.

It depends on the place. Dunken Donuts is 2.00 bucks. Dunken Donuts is the cheapest. :)

Go to the baker and ask!

in bennington vermont it's $5.99 that includes tax

Since there are 12 units in a dozen, at 12 cents ($0.12) per dozen, a donut costs one cent ($0.01). So, 100 donuts would cost $1.00. I'd like to know what shop sells donuts that cheaply.

I will ask my grandmother and will get back to you. LOL.

It depends on the place where your buying the donuts! For example, if your going to Dunkin Donuts, or Wegmans then it would be 2 whole different prices!!

For plain donuts, it's usually around $3.49 plus tax. 1 dozen = 12 1/2 dozen = 6

a dozen eggs cost 20 cents in the 1970'

In 1970 the price of 1 dozen eggs was $0.62

Krispie cream-$5.00 daylight doughnuts-$10.00 dunken doughnuts-$2.00

Eggs are not sold by the box, but the dozen and in California I am paying 4.99 a dozen.

They range on about 1-2 dollars a dozen depending on where you are.

It cost about rupees 48 to rupees 50.It changes from season to season.

A dozen of anything equals 12 . A Baker's Dozen is 13.

1 dozen = 12 so 18 dozen = 18*12 = 216

2 dozen equals 24 1 dozen = 12 2 dozen = 24 3 dozen = 36

they all depend where you get them from , for example if you got them fresh not from a store they can be £1-£2 for a dozen but in shops the varies if you get free range or caged hens, hope this helps

1 dozen dozen 12 * 12 = 144

There are 12 in a dozen, so you have 12 oranges.

12/3=44*0.48=1.92 how much does it cost to by 1 dozen of apples3.84/1.92=2the answer is 2 dozens

Fresh eggs were about .27 per dozen. - Source: Survey of retail prices in Morris County, NJ (October 1-15, 1910).

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