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How much does a Boeing plane costs?

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That would depend on the model and new or used (and how old it was if used).

A new 747 costs about $250 million.

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How much plane costs?

Currently I don't know what plane you are asking about. A Boeing 747 costs around 250 million dollars. A 777 costs around 300 million. A 737 one of the boeings earliest invention costs around 200 million dollars or under. what kinda plane retard

How much does it cost to fly a Boeing 747?

it costs 998,003,578,654.12 yen

What is a Boeing plane?

First Boeing isn't a plane, Boeing is a company designs then builds airplanes. Then sells these airplanes to the airlines and other companies.

What is Boeing flight?

Boeing is a main aircraft company, so Boeing flight must be the flight of a plane made by Boeing.

What is Boeing 1177?

There is no such thing as the Boeing 1177 but there is a Boeing 717. There is though a part of a Boeing plane that has the item number 944827-1177.

Price of new airplanes?

The price of a new Cessna 172 skyhawk, which is a one engine four seated plane costs around $250,000. A jet such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner can cost as much as $180,000,000.

What kind of plane is the iron maiden plane?

Boeing 757

How fast can a Boeing 763 fly?

There is not such plane as a Boeing 763 that has been made.

Is A Boeing 797 Real?

Not currently. The newest Boeing commercial plane is the 787.

Why do Douglas Plane Company merge with Boeing?

The Douglas Plane Company did merge with Boeing to create the world's largest aerospace company.

Name of plane from movie snakes on a plane?

Boeing 747-400.

How many parts does a Boeing 747 plane have?

how many doors does a plane have

What is the Boeing 747?

The Boeing 747 is a plane used for crossing oceans. It is a double decked plane though not as big as the new Airbus A 380.

Who made the first passenger plane?


What kind of plane crashed into the wtc?


How does Boeing name its plane?


How much fuel does a Boeing 777 hold?

A Boeing 777 airliner holds 31,000 gallons of fuel. This allows the plane to travel non-stop for approximately 5,000 miles.

What plane replaced the Boeing 707?

The 4 engine Boeing 707 was replaced by the 2 engine 757.

Is the Boeing 747 the biggest plane?

No. The Airbus A380 is the biggest passenger plane in the world.

What is the fastest commercial plane?

Boeing 747-400

What type of plane hit the Pentagon?

It was a Boeing 757.

What plane crashed into the pentagon?

A Boeing 757-223

Fastest passenger plane in the world?

boeing 747

What is the Plane Frequency of a Boeing 747?

140 decible

Is Boeing an industry?

The Boeing Company is the parent company of all Boeing products. Boeing operates under the areodefense. The industry is airplane manufacturing. When you fly on a commercial airliner that is operated by Boeing Commercial Airline. Boeing is the company name who makes the plane.