How much does a bilateral salpingectomy cost?

I have been looking for this answer too.

We're due to start IVF soon and I need one tube removed (unilateral salpingectomy) I have been calling and emailing clinics in the UK to get prices, I've only heard back from 1 clinic so far and they said the cost was no different for one tube or both.

The cost they said was £3600, that cost includes 2 nights stay in the hospital. The cost of the overnights are £452 per night and as we live close to the hospital I would prefer to go home (I've had lap ops before so know what to expect)

Some of the clinics only say 1 night is needed other just day surgery so I think that's a personal choice.

If you take off the overnight stays it's about £2500.

If yu find any prices please do post them on here.